**Do not** walk back feral changes

Why nerf ferals? Because you dont play a feral? Roll one and see how that goes for you. Ive played feral since late vanilla and stayed with it up till a few couple months ago when my GM asked me to main my assassination rogue to help on dps. I did it. I didnt come to forums and say nerf every other class so I can play my favorite class. The problem isnt blizz…its the cry babies who measure their little wee wees by a damage meter.

Feral players who stayed loyal to the class deserve the boost. They have the most difficult rotation and didnt switch to the fotm…UH DK, Lock or rogue. Play what you play and be happy. whiny babies…Warriors, rogues, locks dont stop to do anything in their button mashing bs rotations…As a feral I cant count how many times im “pumping” hey innervate this guy…brez that guy…so on and so on…a bunch of damn babies. Play your class or reroll. Whiny bi*****


Wrong thread bro :skull:

I know…this was on another thread lol

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Well, with this logic buff everyone! /s


but this whole cycle started with nerfing unholy DK…


It wasn’t. It’s inline with what they stated. If anything, it’s less than they stated.


cool. so maybe its time to revisit more ret paladin buffs considering theyre still significantly behind even fury warriors who are on suicide watch right now


stop shilling for an insane buff

ferals are now barely behind assassination in the #2 slot on any non-hodir offball mechanic fight, have insane utility like innervate, brez, crit buff, bleed buff, and quick offtanking abilities, and will scale to be #1.

Clearly not thought out by blizzard. Its a 12% buff for the top .1% end and close to 30% buff for more average players. If they gave warriors a 30% dmg buff you’d likely be upset and that is with warriors having no utility, lmao. IMAGINE IF THEY HAD UTILITY TOO.


where are you getting this info from? Ive yet to see a single feral top 20 dps for any boss in ulduar.



lmao. Here are XT 25 top charts.
go find a druid…no? But there are 11 warriors.

And for Hodir, warriors are literally identical to Ferals.

So, where are you getting this info from that Ferals are dominating meters?
Because Im not seeing this at all.


I’d really like to know this, too!

I could be wrong, but the way that I’m reading the data it looks like it’s closer to around 10% at the bottom end and around 4% at the top end…

And considering they stated:

If anything, the increase in feral damage is less than intended, from what I can tell.

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It’s actually like nearly perfect 10% indeed. They eyeballed it pretty well. 7-10%

I went over logs of all bosses. Some fights warriors are ahead. Some fights warriros & ferals are identical. Some fights warriors are 600-1k behind ferals.

Nothing to cry over.


Bro you pick out the top 0.1% of players and ignore the 80 to 99th percentile acting like the top 0.1% isn’t polluted by degenerate parsing strats.
It doesn’t matter if a warrior who is single-handly cleaving sparks on XT is beating ferals who cant cleave sparks because they die too fast in a normal raid. Stop spreading misinformation. Ferals are miles ahead of warriors in almost any avg or above avg raid. I agree they don’t need to be reverted but Fury does need a buff.


this is from straight comparing logs of people, feral is now about in line with assassination rogue in damage. Filtering ulduar fights by 1 day, its basically #2 right on assassination’s tail on every fight, and theyre both at the top of any fight that isnt hodir/vezax style mechanics.

SOmeone on this forum the other day did a detailed breakdown of the #2 overall feral and in one raid he went up an average of 12% damage. Ive seen other less sweaty ferals gaining wayyyy more than 12%.

Its a ton of energy every fairy fire, it was obviously going to be busted.

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This doesn’t seem consistent with warcraftlogs. What are you looking at that shows Feral as #2 on every fight other than hodir/vezax?

This is using WarcraftLogs and based on all percentiles.

Range 2 weeks 1 day
Ignis 6th 2nd
Razorscale 12th 7th
XT 7th 3rd
Iron Council 13th 3rd
Kologarn 20th 20th
Auriaya 8th 3rd
Thorim 7th 3rd
Freya 6th 2nd
Mimiron 18th 13th
Vezax 10th 12th
Yogg 19th 10th
Algalon 6th 2nd

I’m interested in what you information you are viewing and/or how it is suggesting something different from what I’m seeing.

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Anything below 80-90th percentile contains either bad players or undergeared GDKP buyers and isn’t representative of the class/spec’s performance at all.
The buff might have to be walked back or retuned later because currently Feral will be the #1 melee mid-TotC already and Warriors and other specs will NEVER catch up to them, even in ICC hm bis Shadowmourne included.

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I hope they keep the feral buff, we’ve already started stacking them to make hard mode content a joke. The ferals get to brag about how “leet” they are and we get loot… win/win.

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Warriors are mad to not be the FOTM anymore…. MMO ego is fun…


I don’t see an issue, leave the change as it is I agree.

And 90% of the time the people crying nerfs aren’t even good. Lol.