Do mounts drop in Islands?

(Mcsalty) #1

Do they drop are is it a myth?


No, I don’t think they drop. At least that’s what my experience is like.

(Zunde) #3

I have had two drop (Risen Mare and Squawks from island completions.)

I have also had one drop (Qinshao’s) From the reward offered by the mission table mission you get when you use the treasure map.

(Mcsalty) #4

thats rng for you. Broken Game.

(Zunde) #5

I have over 2000 Island expeditions completed since the start of BFA so i believe my rng is well earned.

(Mcsalty) #6

Islands were supposed to be a big feature instead its just a grind for pets and maybe if u do 5000 or maybe 10,000 you might get a reskined mount yay!

(Cattywompus) #7

I have done 2500, and still no mount. Can you tell me I haven’t earned it?


I’m well over 1,000 myself and I just want my damn parrot. I’m getting tired of this.

(Cattywompus) #9

2500 for me, man. I’m only grinding them on weeks with pirates.

(Mcsalty) #10

2500 thx i think ill just quit once i get the dubloon mount thats just stupid.


no you wont i done close to that. and no mounts.

(Vyline) #12

Done a couple thousand of them on heroic. Had two mounts drop for me. The surf jelly and that ugly lion statue mogu mount. Both dropped on last two months.