Do I need to Chromie Time pre-60 Cata while doing Eastern Kingdom quests?

I’m level 25 and going around Eastern Kingdoms just questing in zones like Elwynn Forest and Redridge Mountains for story progress/chapters. I did Chromie Time to Cata to RDF for specific classic dungeons, but want to do Legion Timewalk dungeons and was interested in still continuing quests in Eastern Kingdoms.

(after writing that I see there’s a level 45 requirement for TW, but I’m still interested in the question)

Is there something that really explains how and when to use Chromie Time? Like present-time I can’t use the Blasted Lands portal to go to Outland and apparently need to CT to Outlands. But if I keep CT Outlands, what happens with content in Eastern Kingdoms like casual questing in Westfall? Isn’t the present-time Blasted Lands portal WoD though?

I want to level casually with quests in chronological order.

All guides are either outdated or missing a ton of information so here is what I learned after coming back and also wanting to do all content/expansions.

You need to be in Chromie Cataclysm if you want a remoted chance of doing all of that expansions content. There is literally nothing you can do other than go onto a classic server if you want to experience 100% of the quests the game had before that expansion due to the changes to the old world the cataclysm has.

Once you complete the Cataclysm story, youll need to Chromie to Mists and then proceed to do that expansion and basically just keep doing that for each.

Warning. When you hit level 59 you MUST turn off XP gain in your capital. Once you ding level 60, you are booted from Chromie and cannot start the expansions initial quests. You will hear people tell you not to worry about it because you can just go to the next expansions zones but they are conveniently leaving out how you are in normal time, with normal phasing and that you will not be able to get to some of the quests NPCs.

So, turn off xp at 59 and leave it off until you hit Shadowlands, start that expansion in Chromie, do the initial missions to get you there and going, then go and turn XP back on as it wont matter if you are in Chromie time anymore.


Chromie Time turns on level scaling to a cap of 60 for all non-current content, regardless of which timeline you choose. (And as Vladamire mentioned, can only be accessed by characters level 59 and lower.) Which expansion you choose sets which dungeons you see in the dungeon finder. (The original Vanilla dungeons are under the Cataclsym Timeline.)

So, you can choose the Wrath timeline if you want to queue for those dungeons every now and then, but still quest through Outland if that suits your fancy and it will scale to 60.

With Chromie Time off, expansions will only scale to their “regular” cap.

Revamped Vanilla, BC, Wrath: 30
Cataclysm (Hyjal, Vashj’ir, Deepholm, Uldum, Twilght Highlands) and MoP: 35
WoD: 40
Legion: 45
BfA and Shadowlands: 60

One you’re above the cap outside of Chromie Time, you’ll start getting an XP penalty. At 5 levels above, you’ll start getting an overlevel bonus which will allow you to solo group content.

You can turn Chromie Time off and on at will as long as you are 59 or lower by traveling to Org/Stormwind and talking to her as well as swap your timeline. (So, if you’re 5 levels above the cap for where you questing and get stuck on a group quest, you can turn it off, do the quest, and then turn it back on.) I’m pretty sure Chromie Time has to be off for Timewalking dungeons.


Thanks for the explanations of Chromie Time.

This post has been very helpful. Thank you!

I haven’t leveled from 59 to 60 since DF released, but today I don’t own DF (I bought SL when it was current and have an active sub), and my level 60 character can seemingly toggle Chromie time no problem after clicking different dialogue options (can’t immediately click choose a timeline as it does nothing; have to ask about timelines, what timeline should I select, and then pick).

Based on all the info and experience, with new characters and my main going through Azeroth, I just set Cata’s timeline and keep it there unless I want different dungeons for RDF, and might change it if I happen to get to another continent for questing before buying whatever the current xpac is by then :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems the only reason not to do Chromie time (without the latest xpac) is if I want to over-level older content?

So, first, I’m going to say that access to Chromie Time at 60 might be aa bug. (I’ll explain why I think that shortly.) So, just be aware that just because it’s working now, doesn’t mean it will keep working, so there will be some risk anytime you turn it off that you can’t turn it back on.

So, here’s why I think it’s a bug. (Sorry, this gets pretty long.) I did some testing myself on a 60 on an account without Dragonflight.

When you talk to her, you get the dialog option “I have questions about Timewalking.” Choosing that gives you several options. If you choose the obvious one (something along the lines of I want to pick my timeline) it loops you back to her first dialog option with the message pushing you to Dragonflight. (That’s the first thing that makes me think Chromie Time access might not be intended at 60.)

You can, as you noted, still use the dialog options to get it turned on by going through the following chain in the dialog options:

  • I have questions about timewalking
  • What are timewalking campaigns
  • What timeline should I choose
  • (Pick the description that matches your desired timeline)
  • Put me in the (one you choose in the last step) timeline

I went and checked, and mobs outside of Org were scaling to 60. I then when and tried it on a 60 character on an account that had Dragonflight. It worked the same way. (So, it’s not limited to non-Dragonflight accounts, but characters on a DF account will hit 61 as they can’t lock XP.)

Now, here’s where it gets weird, and reason #2 why I think it might not be intended. I then went and tried it on a level 61 character. Going through the dialog options again worked (and gave me the breadcrumb quest) but it did not actually turn on Chromie Time. (Mobs did not scale, and I showed as being in the non-timewalking phase when grouped with a character in Chromie Time.)

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But access at 60 was granted in patch 10.1.5:

    • Chromie will now teach you what Chromie Time is, suggest timelines to choose, and share the opening cinematics.
    • The maximum level in Chromie Time is now 61 (was level 60).
    • Chromie Time expansion restrictions have been removed.
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