Do Frozen Runes respawn?

I haven’t been able to find a conclusive answer on the internet. Seen 3, 4, 5 days, but they haven’t respawned in my lockout since Thursday. Anybody know for sure?

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So far I haven’t seen any confirmation in these. So far many rumors

No they do not, and looting one also saves you to the instance. Look that the latest “not a bug” post, or do what I did and google “Naxx not a bug list”

Huh. This guy I was talking to was pretty confident his guild’s rogues loot them multiple times a week on their alt rogues but that is pretty clearly saying they don’t respawn once looted.

I looted some on our tuesday raid and they had not respawned on our sunday raid.

it was confirmed, they do respawn, i gathered 1- 4 before midnight

You gathered those after they’d already been looted earlier this week?

I’ve heard so many different answers on this. Some people say they only respawn if the bosses aren’t dead, some people say they respawn on Fridays, some people say they respawn after 96 hours, some people say they don’t respawn. Sheesh.

He’s lying. Do you trust a blue post or some random guy who claims they respawn for him?

You’re straight up wrong.

But frozen runes spawn in different locations, so could another rune spawn somewhere else?

Given the fact that looting one saves you to the instance I’d assume no. I haven’t seen anything on that but my guess is the spawn locations are set once the instance is created.

Why would they lie? And it’s not a random guy, it’s someone who raids with us frequently and is in one of the best guilds on the server. I do believe the blue post though, and I couldn’t find anything in a wing we had cleared on Thursday.

Either A) They get a kick out of trolling others and want to see you waste time and effort, or B) They missed a few runes first time through and thought it was a respawn.

There is always C) Blizzard is a small indie company with limited resources and staff and there are some bugs that will allow for a respawn under the right conditions, but this is unintended.

Bugs do happen, god knows I’ve had my moon cloth cool-down reset when logging on and I’m not talking about a tooltip bug because calling in-game API showed it was off CD

No clue, but without hard proof the runes did in fact respawn for him I wouldn’t believe it. Would you really take his word over the word of the people who actually made the game? It’s more likely he just missed the rune earlier in the week and when he came back another night it was still there, and not that blizz doesn’t understand how runes respawn.