Do destruction locks use pets?

I’ve been a mage for a very long time. I enjoy it immensely. However, it’s maybe time for an alt.

I know that affliction/demo use pets, and I know that this is probably a seriously silly question but what pet does Destro use in M+?

same as affliction, dog for kick


Thank you =)

Succubus also to seduce either kill target or cc to land kill.

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question was about M+, not pvp lol


Demo is the only spec locked into a pet, and even then they can arguably take dog or voidwalker out in highly situational events. Felguard may have an interrupt now but it’s tied to a stun, and sometimes you want to interrupt to bring a mob in closer to stack up. Stunning is not conducive to that goal so Felguard doesn’t work and if you absolutely have to do an interrupt for this you’ll have to use the dog. Voidwalker is also tankier than Felguard and has a taunt, so it’s situationally useful for soloing difficult elites with the whole VW resummon trick. All other times pretty much, though, it’s Felguard time.

For Destro and Aff, though? You can choose basically whatever pet you want, adapting for the situation. Pet damage has been normalized, so they all do the same dps. I think Voidwalker still does less single target, so usually not that one, though there is an arguement for using VW for AoE dps as it has a cleave where no other pet does (besides Felguard). Otherwise it’s usually Dog for the interrupt and offensive dispel, or the Imp for more dps uptime, since it’s ranged it doesn’t need to spend as much time chasing evasive mobs or running over to a new target when swapping targets. Not to mention as a ranged pet, your imp is much less likely to be killed, or go chasing running enemies and pull more adds. Succubus doesn’t really have much use, unfortunately. A clutch Seduce might help in highly situational events but even when CC is used Seduction isn’t great for it. Still, no reason why you can’t just run Succubus for aesthetic flavour if interrupts, dispels or tanking aren’t needed, as it still does the same damage as the rest.


Felhunter = interrupts & purge (M+)
Succubus = highest Single Target (raid)
Imp = Fast switching & dispels (raid)


succy only better dps in theory. target switching makes imp best bet 95/100 in raid even.
on a training dummy sure, sure. real world raiding? just send out impy


Since I mostly play solo I keep my VW out so he can tank, and keep the baddies off me. If I get in a group I usually pull out the imp.

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That’s misleading. She’s clearly better when you have one target as Whiplash reaches 10 stacks after a minute.

Even for 2 target cleave (so far) they’re usually stacked. She’s still more dps.

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Again in raw tgt dummy dps.
Couched in real world raiding and dungeon situations the target switching of a ranged imp will nearly always provide equal or better dps with significantly less effort.

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Wait… So you don’t switch to your Succy for M+ bosses?

There are tonnes on Tyrannical week that don’t need interrupts.

Focus macos / mouseover havoc adds

that just doesnt really seem worth

i mean i play demo, so i don’t pet switch at all. but no there is virtually no reason to do so for destro/aff.

the amount of dps gain is small to start with, and mostly theoretical. improving player performance will more than cover it.

if i was going to swap from dog to any pet on tyrannical bosses, it’d still be to imp. but generally i’d just let the dog stay out. it’s not as if we’re talking about 2k additional dps here. whatever the succy is going to add is largely theoretical and even then negligible. don’t waste effort. put that effort into better personal performance instead of trying to gimmick the system.