Do Bleed Assassins Still Exist?

Can you still have a decent Bleed build for assassination?

Unfortunately, there’s zero Azerite traits that benefits Rupture at all. Shrouded Suffocation seems fairly niche for Garotte. Stacking Champion of Azeroth seems like the best option, while stacking Trade Winds seems like a second option if you stack Mastery through the roof.

People will say ‘lulz be Feral for Bleeds’, but I’m just really curious…

I was running a bleed build a few weeks ago.

I had Shrouded Suffocation x 3. Stacked mastery (64% was all I could get)

I spec’d Elaborate Planning, Subterfuge, Deeper Stratagen, Leeching Poison, Internal Bleeding, Exsanguinate, Poison Bomb

It’s a fun build and I did ok. I only do random BG’s. Popping Exsanguinate with 6cp rupture and empowered garotte definitely made people panic.

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Sadly, not really.

Since 9.0’s Sub rework is seemingly dropping the shadow theme, here’s hoping it brings back the bleed theme instead.

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Feral don’t even have “Leet bleeds” anymore. Just dumb FB spam /yawn

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i think suv hunter is the better dot class i can melt people with doesnt even feel like im doing anything really.

serpent sting,x2 nades,crows,x2 crucible,kill command spam and people just melt.