Do all WoW players listen to the same type of metal?

(Yayayayayaya) #5

I don’t listen to any metal. I wouldn’t count Rammstein for me since I mostly listen to them because I like the way German sounds.

(Chanklaloco) #6

Iron Maiden, Sabaton, Motorhead, Celtica, you get the idea.

(Divademonica) #7

I listen to everything, im a music lover. There is no right or wrong music…there is just music. It either moves you and speaks to you or it dont. I live my life to music, and dance, because its something that evokes strong feelings , and relates to our life, and our fantasies.

(Crocuta) #8

i’m not super versed in metal, i tend to listen to whatever catches my ear. usually stuff with lots of heavy guitar chords and bass.
i THINK i trend towards power metal and industrial for the most part. i really like stuff like rammstein and sabaton


Oh, and this.

(Romanna) #10

I listen to whatever. Currently it’s Christmas songs.

If you want a true ‘fantasy’ theme to your music, listen to “Hawkwind” which had Michel Moorcock as a member from 1970 to 1975

(Kwashiorkor) #11

Don’t hate me but I rarely listen to any music at all these days.

(Romanna) #12

Can we hate you for other reasons?

(Waidmann) #13

I usually have pandora set for shuffle .

My tastes run from late 60’s on but I do have some stations set based on bands like Rammstein (toon name inspired by Waidmann’s Heil) Combicrist, Kmfdm, Metallica.

But also have stations in my shuffle not metal inspired like Eagles , Funk ,80s , b52’s , Rush ,Dream Theater , Joe Bonamasa ,Pink Floyd and many more .

(Waidmann) #14

Been listening to a lot of TSO holiday music lately

(Vihoh) #15

I listen to top 40 and Broadway. Lol.

(Aehl) #16

just wondering if this was what everyone’s been listening to.

Never heard of any of them.

(Kwashiorkor) #17

You can, a lot of people do.

(Divademonica) #18

These are 2 of my favorite Nightwish songs you may like it.

(Romanna) #19

Well then, what would you like to be hated for?

(Withpuppys) #20

i have listened to nightwish before, they had a few songs i liked

(Zeropointt) #21

You know what? Nevermind your distinctions:

(Kwashiorkor) #22

I’m sure you’ll find something to hate on! Let me know what server you’re on and I’ll make a character and join your guild lol.

(Zeropointt) #23

Gotta watch:

(Romanna) #24

You ever listen to G3?

Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen was my favorite line up of them. This year had Satriani, John Petrucci, Uli Roth with Carlos Santana, Huey Lewis, and Neal Schon.