Dmg reduction for Holy!

Holy priest still the best looking. Only people with no style play disc.

World Shrinker
World Enlarger
Vindicator’s Armor Polish Kit
Spirit of Bashiok
The Heartbreaker
Thaumaturgist’s Orb
Orb of the Sin’dorei
Bubble Wand
Super Simian Sphere
Gurboggle’s Gleaming Bauble
Haw’li’s Hot & Spicy Chili
Magic Fun Rock
Rainbow Generator
Unstable Powder Box

Theres more out there you just have to scroll around through the toy guide. Darkmoon has some nice toys too Pretty fun stuff :slight_smile:


I do use flash concentration!
(and yeah, it’s a must :confused: )

I sometimes have my shadow legendary equipped because I forget to switch haha

Good to know though that you think we can handle anything :slight_smile: