Dmg reduction for Holy!

Hey Devs!

Giving this would be a great way of balancing this spec for priests.
It’s the only healer without this tool :frowning:
(Maybe change an ability,
or Mastery?)

Covenant abilities don’t count :frowning:
They’re borrowed powers

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Are you talking personal or externals? Holy can talent 1 minute G.S. which is pretty strong when you use the Potency Conduit which will make G.S. do +80% more healing w/ a 12s duration. Tanks do a lot of self healing + absorbs so that extra +80% is pretty big because the tank can self heal themselves for 30k+… and your Serenity can do over 50k crits.

Night Fae Holy is also really strong because you can give people a 20% dr external for 20s every 1.5 minutes. It’s twice the duration of Bark Skin… and easily the best external ingame.

So for healing you can rotate between FG + GS to give tanks a lot of cushion.

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It’s 1 minute…
unless the target receives a killing blow :stuck_out_tongue:
Then it’s 3 :confused:

Dmg reduction and over healing don’t react the same way
they’re like, different tools I think,

And Covenant powers don’t apply to all holy priests!
So, it’s a bit unfair if you don’t want to be night fey

The goal is to not trigger the cheat death, but it does feel good when it does trigger because you just saved somebody from death.

Unfortunately at the moment the best covenant for Holy is NF for non-PvP so there isn’t really much to say other than if you want that external damage reduction… you have to go NF.

Mistweavers also don’t have one

A damage reduction external has been asked for by both of these specs for a long time


Not only do we lack a damage reduction ability, but we have the fewest forms of utility and all our heals are hard cast if we want to be efficient. Disc gets dome, rapture, pain sup… pretty large disparity there.

It’s true about Mistweavers, I forgot about them!

G.S. is pretty awesome.
Yet, it feels like dmg reduction is an essential tool to have.

Maybe I’m wrong however.

I think we need more gold stuff on our spells. Sparkles if you will.


Holy spells do need new vfx tbh.
I still can’t accept that Holy Word: Serenity and Heal have the same animation…


Some of the animations are 10+ years old.

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I’ve been collecting and adding toys to all my spell casts to make it more fun. Really makes a difference in my level of fun when I do something

Can you tell us which toys do this?

You mean which ones do I use? Basically I just look on the wowhead toyguide for toys that make sparkly things with a low cooldown, then add them to my spell. Its fun, makes it more fun :slight_smile:

Yea if you can facilitate us that info it would be great :smiley: because in wowhead there are thousand of toys >.<

Like i just got Haw’li’s Hot & Spicy Chili which makes u glow like fire and I put that into desperate prayer.

Next I’m getting magic fun rock and I’ll add that to heal

Enbiggering is in fortitude, world shrinker is on summon steward

just a bunch of stuff u can use to make it more fun

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Yeah, it feels like holy might need some kind of makeover :confused:

The changes in Shadowlands were good! But maybe it just wasn’t enough.

Also, not sure if you have Flash Concentration legendary yet.

I bought the same one you did, the one that brings you back to life and that worked out great, but when you learn enough of the mechanics in the mythics/raids to not get killed, then you have to switch to Flash Concentration. Its really not an option for holy priest.

You will go from struggling in the burst damages to being able to handle basically anything the monsters have. Aside from players failing mechanics. Those you just have to deal with.

Our spell book, plus flash concentration legendary and then you will be able to handle anything.

I still use the pants legendary when I do things where people tend to fail alot :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll look up for these

Holy is lacking in utility, and HPS is average or worse. It literally makes no sense to play Holy unless you have already geared your priest and/or you are learning to heal. One thing though. In large groups, as in groups of 30 when raiding heroic or at Epic BGs, spells like Divine Hymn are fantastic.

You say this but fae guardian is a very potent DR for tanks in mythic+.

Yea holy doesn’t have it baseline in the kit but cycling between guardian spirit and fae guardian gives tanks a lot of cushion