DK mortal strike

How reliable is the weapon enchant? It reads like a random debuff to me.

didnt know dk has mortal strike

still a mediocre class.

rogues auto attacks apply MS.
how 1337 is dat mane XD

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it is a new DK weapon enchant available through the ebon forge. But it apply s random debuffs to the target. If the healing reduction was reliable, may be pretty OP for UHDKs.

Procs like wound poison

Edit: trust me I’m on beta

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Is this a SL thing or what?

oh wow, ok thank you. I guess it is worth losing 15% (i will find out later)

friendship ended with TSG

now i can play with all the other casters like all the other melee too!@#!@3

(p.s. make affliction great again, bring back scleave)


we had it in legion and it was like 4% tied to apoc

did they announce the % on beta? because i cant imagine it’ll be higher than 4%

It’s 4% but it stacks up to 8 stacks. Seems to proc on every auto attack so as long as you can stay on your target it seems pretty good

24% health reduction with necro will be very powerful

4x8= :thinking:

oops - math not strong today

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Ess ok :ok_hand:t2:

What’s the name of this enchant?
Also why does DK get a 32% MS and get to keep necrotic? That seems problematic.

So just hybrids don’t get MS now since DK and DH are both getting one… that’s cool. They better be buffing the hell out of the hybrid healing for enhance, Ret, and feral then… :unamused:

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Ret…you can’t believe anything Snuggles/Biebs says. I love the little guy but his only source of entertainment is trolling on the forums. It’s not even normal trolling either where you try to argue with someone. It’s like weird little misleading things that no normal person would ever consider trying to trick other people over. I highly doubt he tested any dk healing reduction enchant or even has beta access lol.

I guess almost everyone has MS effects now?

I believe arms warriors should have the best MS as in consistency and undispellable.

Rogue should get rock paper scissor by paladin/monk/druid

Hunter solely single target but can do cool stuff with both ms and their venom

And no one else should have it

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ya and its cd and duration shouldnt overlap, pleaaaaaase make it require some thought when its used

Feel like in that case it would be heftier than other healing debuffs

Mortal wounds is just thrown on most melee willy nilly to just sorta round out their kit.

I guess I’ve sorta just accepted it on WW and now Dh but if you’re gonna be the stickiest melee in top of it all and have comparable damage whats supposed to give

Right now, rune of Apocalypse gives your ghouls attacks a chance to apply one of 4 debuffs. One is the healing reduction, at 1% per stack, one is a damage taken increase on the target, also 1%, another is a damage taken from the target decrease, 1% again, and the last is a dot that slows by 15% per stack and does 300-400 damage per stack. It’s not on every auto by the ghoul, but it does have a very high chance. In about 8-10 hours of testing, I’ve never seen a buff go above 4 stacks, and it rarely gets above 3. The debuffs last 6 seconds, but refresh duration if you get another stack. Right now, Pestilence, which is the dot and slow one seems to be a much bigger problem than the MS, as the slow stacks 15% per, so 60% at 4, which is the highest stack I’ve seen, though not sure if that’s the cap. I’m not a high end PvPer or anything, so unsure if that’ll be better than the 15% strength and 6% heal you get from fallen crusader in arena, I’ll leave that for other people to decide.