DK Changes PLEASE!

Please, the DK community is BEGGING for some kind of communication and or changes to the class as a whole.

I can’t speak much for Unholy, but Frost is in a horrible state. It is so lost when it comes to play style, I should not have to stand in Death and Decay to cleave properly, and hitting like a wet noodle outside of pillar of frost is just bad. Frost also features some of the most outdated spell effects in the game, and has too much just ‘Icy Mist’ going on.

PvP wise, you nerfed deathstrike at the start of the expansion, and never took another look at it. This made what should be one of the tankiest classes in the game, into a glass cannon, that requires 5 gcds to set up and is very obvious. I want to frontline in BGs, I want to go toe to toe with a warrior. This is the class fantasy for PVP, not running away until you can attempt a 1 shot.

Again, I think I speak for 99 percent of DK players when I say, this class is in the worst place it has ever been as a whole. Take a look at everything, from the ground up. I don’t want another patch where I can’t bring myself to login on my favorite class.


As someone who plays unholy quite frequently, Unholy isn’t in a great spot either, it doesn’t need near as much attention as frost, but it does have issues that needs to be addressed. The amount of useless talents in all three spec trees as well as the class tree just feels so bad. Which, speaking of the class tree, it needs to be redesigned from the ground up. Having to take blood draw just for pathing feels so bad, especially when WoTN is right there, having to talent into IBF when its always been baseline feels really bad too, wraith walk being inaccessible hurts so much, and that’s only a small amount of what needs to be changed just in the class tree, I won’t even start with the spec trees. I pray they do something in 10.2.5, even just coming out and saying “we hear you guys and we’re working on it”, ANYTHING at this point.


At least you get a cool legendary! Oh and you don’t have to use movement for dps! But yes, dk does need work.


You don’t get to complain about that. Nerf DH first, then we’ll talk.


In this realm of mortals, my son, true warriors forge their strength not from gifts bestowed by the gods, but from the fire of their own resolve.

Vigilance and wit are the weapons of the wise. We need not rely on divine enhancements, for the strength of a warrior lies within, honed through experience and tempered by the choices we make.

Remember, Iliketurtles, in our journey, it is not the winter entertainment gods who define us, but the choices we make in the face of chaos.

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Unholy has a huge GCD issue that just cripples it and frankly a bit of button bloat for PvE


It just sucks when the most fun spec to play in PvP is blood, if only because it can actually brawl instead of just dying in a stun or disarm. AMS, Deathstrike, and basically every defensive need a PvP only buff.

Visually, DK’s could use some sprucing up.

In customization, the ghostly eyes should give the option for unholy green and blood red.

The strike animations for DK’s should also use the heavy swing of Obliterate. Seeing my void elf flip around like a ballerina is just awful, it doesn’t feel like the weapons have weight.

Frost Strike and Scourge Strike and Festering Strike could also use better particle effects than just a dim color streak.

DK pets should allow for updated models from Shadowlands. Bring back the Abomination pet we had in Legion.


I’d LOVE to know what the DK dev has been doing all this time.


Remove Breathe of sindragosa already or change It


Raise ghoul

Blood feels good to play until you get to the level where you die between globals. I think a little more resilience there would be good. Let’s not the current tier set lull us into complacency, we need this effect going forward, imho.

Frost feels really good to play when oblit is good. It feels bad when breath is the only option. I don’t know how you approach balancing them perfectly, but if one has to die, I choose breath.

Unholy needs to pick a lane. Too many subsystems and damage sources. Pets, dots, combo points, runic power. It’s all just so watered down. Even when the damage is good is feels disconnected.

For all three specs, the reliance on being in the DnD for cleave blows. It’s marginally less painful for blood, as you can control where the mobs are, but it’s not fun for the other two specs. For frost, I think oblit should cause frost fever to crack and deal extra damage, and we could stand to juice up howling blast damage. Remember master frost? I miss it.

For UH, I think just have sore pops be aoe. Popping sores on one target pops others nearby. Juice up epidemic damage, and remove the dnd cleave from both dps specs.

Personally, when I think of DK’s, I think of ghouls and disease. I feel like the festering wound thing was created to make them fit into the builder/spender revamp. Let’s drop it entirely. Remove festering strike. Prio damage (scourge strike) gives you RP that you spend on AoE. Like a reverse funnel damage pattern. Diseases + Epidemic becomes the whole package. Then split the tree between Disease and Pets.


For all three specs, the reliance on being in the DnD for cleave blow


I love dw Frost , but hate BoS, and oblit is 2h , yeah lets 2h Frost shine for once

About once a year I’ll try Frost DK in PVP. I just tried it and here’s my impression.

It feels like the damage profile and mobility/survival tool kits are completely mismatched. It feels like I’m supposed to try for high consistent damage but I don’t have the mobility or survival tools to do so.

The whole spec just feels off, like something is missing. There’s also the clunkiness of having to stand in Death and Decay to cleave. It’s always felt like you should cleave all mobs in Death and Decay, not have to stand in it yourself.

It’s sad because I see so much potential in the whole “Frost Dragon” theme that is scattered throughout the tree. There’s so much more that could be done with it.

Yup! You have no ability to ‘Sit there and fight’ despite your whole kit being designed around ‘Sitting in there and fighting’. Like you want me to stand in freaking DnD? OK, Well give me enough tankiness to do so.

It is the pinnacle of bad class design, which is why we feel so disrespected that obvious changes such as un-nerfing deathstrike in PVP, arn’t just immediately made, no patch needed.

I want to see some data or numbers, or SOME FREAKING COMMUNICATION BLIZZARD, is that so much to ask, for a year? For somebody to step up and say “Hey, we know it sucks, changes are coming, we get it.” Stop disrespecting your player base, and our time. It is so hard to be positive when all I am asking is for somebody to step up, and do their job. Be it a community rep, or class dev (doubt this exists at this point).

Seeing how much passion the classic, and seasonal devs have about the projects they are working on is such a juxtaposition to the current retail team. The only reason blizzard has my sub currently is that classic team.


All 3 dk specs have had minimal changes to talents all expansion

Another round of class changes, no changes to death strike in PvP.

Nahh lets put more damage into oblit, because that is what everyone wants!

So out of touch.

Frost got some good buffs not sure where the unholy buffs are

You joke but this is what a very vocal part of DKs said they wanted since BFA. And they’re absolutely loving this Obliterate spam focused design.

I mean, you have like 3-4 core buttons, so there’s not much to emphasize. The other candidate would be frost strike, because the alternative is BoF and most people don’t want that.