Divine Toll: Keep the GONG

On PTR Divine Toll’s cast sound has been changed to be another woosh noise similar to Judgement’s cast instead of the very satisfying GONG. If the spell and related talents are keeping their bell motifs then I hope it can keep the gong as well.


Yes!! I really want to keep the sound!!


Yes this needs corrected asap.

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For whom the bell woosh: It woosh for thee!



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Nah it was kind of annoying. bye bye ugly bell noise

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Get out of my class.

Da Da, Da Da, Daaahh (Gong!)
Bah na na na, na na na na!
Da Da Da Da Daaaah (Gong!)
For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Nothing…NOTHING…is as satisfying as the gong

They should really just add the option to configure ability sounds with whichever one you want. I’d like the old Hammer of the Righteous sounds back, and really enjoyed the gong on my Prot paladin, was so satisfying.

it’s not your class. KILL THE GONG!

Absolutely have to keep the gong.

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