Disney ≈ Blizzard

After watching the Kenobi series I’ve had a sudden realisation that Disney and Blizzard are extremely similar companies in the way they’ve handled previously successful IPs. Extremely hyped content with huge potential that somehow falls flat on it’s face and disappoints. The handling of public drama also draws a lot of similarities.

My conclusion, they’re both corporations reminiscent of the ‘Evil’ factions that are portrayed in their respective IPs.


P.S I’m pissed with Kenobi if you can’t tell.


Yeah but the difference is Disney is making more noise about it.

Blizz is at least smart to try keeping their mouths shut on issues.


Its disney, they ruin everything they touch. Star wars has been in the can ever since George lucas sold out to those soulless heathens.


Not really. Disney has WAY better lawyers. All the drama Blizzard is going through right now, would have been shut down and kept quiet long ago. All the fan stuff that Blizzard encourages (like art, cosplay, and fiction)? Disney would have shut that down too. They did it with all of the Star Wars fan projects George Lucas okayed pre-buyout. I used to make animation cels of Star Wars stuff at local conventions, and I even got a C&D.


Pretty much ever large corporation.

Well Buzz Lightyear is a bomb. Glad to see their pandering backfire. America is finally waking up.


Stuff that gets milked over and over for money turns to :poop: ? :exploding_head:


People get way too worked up over fictional nonsense and need to calm the hell down. Those are my thoughts. A company isn’t evil just because they’re telling a story you don’t like. Christ.


Or its that Lightyear wasn’t that good/was from an IP that was milked too much. Or maybe that families are just now trained to watch stuff on Disney+.

Honestly, why not wait until November when Strange world is release before claiming “victory”? N’est-ce pas?

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It released in the same time as Jurassic World 3. :grimacing:

Kathleen Kennedy runs Lucasfilm. So long she head of Lucasfilm, Star Wars will be in bad place.


If it comes to his struggle, he woke trend in his games, in which he only learns to obtain ambitions in himself, and that he does not listen to the community either, except in the oranges of CC who are just lazy without doing anything.

I agree with you.

To be honest, if you look up the news about Blizzard’s lawsuits…

…they’ve been settling to avoid going to court.

Also, I do believe their is an issue since this case has a A LOT of high-powered people involved so Blizzard is using their resources to make all of it go away.

You can see that Blizzard suffers from a group of people at the top making all of the wrong choices for everyone else.

You can see it in how this game is developed.


I don’t care about the means, just the end. Disney is a dead rat who drank its own poison.


There more reason why Lightyear failed at box office other than same sex kissed.

It certainly didn’t help them as overseas nations are banning the movie.


I saw a few commercials for kenobi and i got the feeling it was kind of a dead end plot wise? Afaik it covers the years after he went into hiding but before a new hope. I dont really see how you can make a whole series about that?

yea but other reasons why that that film failed.

  1. Tim Allen didn’t voiced Buzz.
  2. It wasn’t Toy Story.
  3. Same Sex kiss.
  4. Story wasn’t good.
  5. Story was Dark for a Pixar film.
  6. People realize that it going Disney+ in next month so why waste money going to theater?

The shareholders of Disney have started kicking up a stink and they’re reeling in the worst offenders, or pushing them out. Investors sign up to make money, not finance a pulpit for zealots.

Watching Kenobi have a crisis of confidence and an angry lady yell at an obnoxious child isn’t as riveting as it sounds.


This is not a reason. Get over it.