Disdain is recruiting alliance who actually read these forums

We seek a champion.

Greetings, adventurer! Have you seen the champion? The good looking one adorned in the achievements of past deeds? The one who wields mighty epics plucked from gods and monsters?

Of course, you know the one.

The noobs whisper in hushed tones before they right-click and inspect an awe-inspiring character sheet. It is so glorious that onlookers swear they can see the hope of Azeroth gleaming through the stats. Who is this champion? Who is this wrecker of s**t so amazing and so pure? The answer is surprisingly clear.

It’s you. You badass. It’s always been you.

If you join Disdain!

Right now, Disdain is looking for few good DPS to fill out our roster of beautiful heart-throbs. We are mainly looking for ranged DPS, but we may be open to some melee as long as you smell good.

So, how about it? Are you ready to make every raid boss collectively soil their pants the moment you zone into an instance with a team of equally good looking raiders? Are you ready to make the horde abandon war mode in piss-induced terror? Damn right you are.

Our current progress is 8/8 heroic, 2/8 mythic.

There are two points of contact.

Contact Phoebus#1702 if you’d like a fast track to a trial run. Just tell him you saw Suppa’s stupid post.
Contact Suppabad#1465 if you want to be jerked around before being referred to Phoebus anyway. Seriously, you’re going to talk to Phoebus whether you want to or not.

When you are prepared for glory, reach out to us. We are overly stimulated and ready.

The boring old spiel is below.

About Us:
For those interested in joining Disdain, you should know a bit about our guild first. We are a PvE Alliance raiding guild on the US Draenor server, primarily looking for fun and good company while still being focused on forward progression.

We are looking for players with a good attitude, who aren’t loot-crazy or afraid of wiping, and are willing to commit to growing our guild by contributing their time and friendliness. We look forward to meeting you, and hopefully welcoming you to Disdain!

The Schedule:
Tue ~ Thurs, 6:30PM to 9:30PM server time (8:30 to 11:30 CST). We tend to take breaks half-way through the raid.

Other Things:
We use voice communication during raids. Download Discord!

We are also recruiting female dwarves for exploitive, non-raiding roles. Please send your measurements to Phoebus if you are interested.

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Umm… You didn’t mention anything about the bosses love of purple. Mention purple to Phoebus for a bonus prize when joining!

Wait, WHATS UP SUPPA?! Been forever.

(This is Kaidame from LUE back in the day)

Good to hear from you, it’s been awhile. :slight_smile: I’m just proving my nerdom by continuing to play WoW. It’s what I do.

I quit during Cata and came back at the tail end of legion. Reclaiming my nerdom over here =)