Discord Servers

Discord isn’t bad. It serves a bigger purpose then your friends list.
You can form groups, raids, profession trading.

It’s better than forums because you can move to other channels for voice comms.

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The motivation behind it for some is to gather social capital, have some sort of e-fiefdom they can lord over.

Some people just want a community space to organize things like dueling tournaments, facilitate PUG raids, help the community by providing resources (like making information public about who has rare patterns, recipes etc. on both factions) and so on. This is the motivation behind us making servers. As far as moderation and admins go… those will be whoever the community sees fit to do the job. Currently, the people doing it are people who are already community leaders in some form - organizing groups of guilds to find new homes and whatnot. If the latter is something anyone is interested in, these servers have been made for PST PVP players:

Fairbanks: discord.gg/rdy7k2C
Whitemane: discord.gg/FmK9vaP


Oh, I don’t mean Discord!

I mean these people making all these “official” Discord servers for Classic realms.

You can’t get RCR for talking in discord. It’s a way to avoid being harassed by RCR trolls.

This is what I was looking for - to be quite honest. I just get the feel based off individuals that they want some domain/control as opposed to realistically trying to band together the community!

I haven’t settled on a server but I need to quick, only problem is - PVP or PVE and if so, I’d prefer to stay on East Coast.

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Well that’s just wrong. Plenty of great Discords were already made before the “community leaders” (ego much LMAO) of Classic WoW Guilds decided to exert their influence and try to force their Discord to be “the” Discord.


That is the problem right there.

There is no official Blizzard Discord for these servers - so no one is official.

I just wanna figure out which server would be best suited for my needs/desires/wants - oh and my precious names.

Pot calling the kettle black.

They want control thats why.

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How so? Please, elaborate.

You can look at Mannie’s various posts and judge whether that’s somebody who’s lead you want to follow, or you can look at my post where I laid out our philosophy in managing the server.

I’m sure one of these appeals more to you than the other.

The one who doesn’t stylize themselves as a “community leader” because they are part of a single Discord server 99% of the population doesn’t know about and then publicly call themselves a “community leader” to try and get clout within a community that, again, doesn’t know they exist.

You’re really intent on ruling over your fiefdom, aren’t you?

I never even stated that I was one of those people. I’m merely helping them.

I think the fact you refer to Discord servers set up to help the community grow as a “fiefdom” says more about you than anything else you’ve said so far.

Coming in and purposely fracturing the community just because you believe yourself a self-stylized “community leader” isn’t something an actual community leader would do.

I can do a perfectly cromulent job running a community thank you very much.

Join the OFFICIAL Whitemane server: discord.gg/fuu9bAh

Imagine playing on a realm and then finding out the server first guild is on a certain discord server.

Someone like Limit or Midwinter.

Imagine playing on a realm and the rank 14 players are on a certain discord server.

People will flock to that server like they always do. It’s why so many people go to Tich. “Oh that’s where all the best players are.”

People will follow the best players.

How is it Official tho?

Cause Stone Cold Said So

lol - right.