Disconnect deaths on jump+stuns

Just died at 18 to a disconnect from a mid air jump+stun. This probably should be addressed as this happened to me 3 times as I leveled up, the last one ending my life - obviously an avoidable death feels pretty lame.

Left a bug report but I figured I’d post on the forums so other players know it is happening and maybe can avoid.

Good luck to everyone in the beta, that’s where my journey ends.

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Thanks for the report Ebbnflow. We are aware of this issue and hope to have a fix in for our build update next week. In the meantime please avoid jumping in combat as this is indeed caused by being stunned/rooted/otherwise CC’d in mid-air.

Thanks for the report and condolences for the character death!


Hey Ebbnflow how you doing my man! We reported this bug a lot and have lost a decent amount of higher level players to this. Also had a full group almost wipe in DM to a dc on a bridge after being nova’d. I think they will be able to come up with a fix for it but makes leveling very risky right now.

Aggrend, your advice made me lol, thanks for that.

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I know, bud. Asking WoW players not to spam jump is kinda like asking them not to breathe. Apologies, you can all have your space bars back soon, I promise!


Ugh, yeah that’s rough. I guess that’s what the ptr is all about!

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Hardcore means no jumping :slight_smile:

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A hotfix has been deployed for this issue and it should now be resolved. Thank you for your patience.


can u fix my character disconnecting on moonguard

can you rez my character !

i’ve died twice to this now, gave up leveing because of this bug