Discipline spec bonuses

pvp doesn’t matter


Strongly dislike S3 but afterall is what made us strong

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I completely agree. While disc is strong right now for well-coordinated group where you know things are getting kicked and damage mechanics are being performed optimally. But when it comes to spot healing unexpected damage in S3, it is rough. S2 spot healing was great because of the tier set but, overall, disc lacked the overall output that S3 disc has now that the ramps are easier to execute. I’m hoping, if S2 wins, that the shadow smites get added with shadow covenant active.


no. 4piece set bonus on season 3 is dumb for PVP. i understand raiders like it. i enjoy it in LFR.

that’s a bit rude.

i’m consistently shocked looking in the priest forums that there aren’t more complaints about the 4pc being moot in pvp.

i guess pvpers have just accepted we don’t matter. but this is nuts. the 4pc was designed by someone that wanted to punish us.

Me too! I think sometimes it may come down to time constraints which is no excuse but it feels like it.

Speak for yourself when stating all competitive level priests want s3. I much prefer s2.

it’s partly that a lot of players have just accepted they get what they get. it’s not unusual for some specs to ditch their set bonuses because they disagree or don’t care.

but the 4pc disc one is undeniably bizarre. unless you buff my shadowfiend to BE a disc priest, i’m not speccing into it.

I’d rather get S1 tier set effect over S2, but overall I do like the idea of S3 tier set. I feel like the S3 tier set allows us to be more on the offensive because CDR of Mindbender/Shadowfiend = more damage due to uptime and inescapable torment. Double smite is more damage as well and double Sanctuary procs.

I know it’s a bit niche but I liked the Sanctuary build for PvP in 2s. Mindbender + Smite spam with 4 set absorbed so much damage. It was about 80K damage absorption on the target per Smite cast (could stack too) and it wasn’t affected by dampening. Ended up being my 3rd top healing in a 2s game.

Season 2 tier set imo was awful for PvP because RNG.

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i enjoy it. in world pvp where i get to pretend i’m a shadow priest :slight_smile:

i mostly do rated bg’s (or plan to, a bit busy rn so i’m still sub 1900), so hard casting smites is just asking for trouble.

i still cast smite plenty in pvp, but i don’t feel as forced to when it’s up to me and not riding on a 3 min cooldown. especially because to get the most value, you want to talent lower to get cooldown reduction on it.

it just doesn’t feel good in rated bgs. feels like a huge waste and on top of it with random +crit stats on all the pieces.

but yeah, super fun in duels/1v1s/probably pvp where you are playing with someone you can communicate with.

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Vote for the playstyle, not the numbers.

Personally, I find instant radiance more fun than smite/pet uptime.

If disc is unable to stand on its own with the removal of season 3 tier then I’d rather they rip that bandaid off now and fix the spec sooner rather than later. The spec needs future proofing and if the current tier design is so critical that the spec would be barely functional without it then the base spec tree needs to be fixed. It shouldn’t be through a borrowed power system that a spec is even playable.


I think having Demon Uptime higher is better and more fun than using radiance.

And yes, Disc only works well on “shadow phase”, it his design for a long time now.


If it was this one, I would vote for it.

But you’re wrong, this was discarded before launch.

In PvP, priests aren’t using the 4 piece bonus.
Season 2 is better for all forms of content.
Season 3 issues:
1 sec of atonement from smite is worthless.
Cannot put points into squidbuild without losing necessary talents needed for high output damage in pvp

Ideas for s3 set:
Move Divine Aegis talent to the bottom of the tree (to free a slot pvpers do not want)
Link Smite Proc to Schism instead of Covenant OR combine some talents in squidbuild path

I would love to see the s3 bonus IF it is adjusted to be more worthwhile in both PvP and PvE

Please for once - use your brains and make two different sets… one for pve, one for pvp. Disc priest tier set has been almost completely useless in s2/s3 for pvp players.

Vote for the playstyle, not the numbers.

+1 this. Numbers get tuned all the time. Some goldfish in this thread have forgotten that at the start of S3, Disc did so much damage that we had to get a 3% nerf on damage and healing on everything.

Numbers change. The thing that will stay constant with this vote will be whether we’re permanently planted on the ground spamming smite and being a pet for our Mindbender, because Inescapable Torment is more important than any supporting spell we cast, or whether we have the freedom to move unimpaired.

How many people who vote are just doing their weekly +20s and mindlessly going through the same rotation without even thinking, trying to get their 14s uptime/6s downtime on their Mindbender whilst watching a video on their secondary monitors instead of using their eyes and brain on the dungeon and deviating even slightly from the max damage pattern?

The vote here is between having many tools to run a dungeon with, albeit requiring you to take the hamburger out of your mouth while you play, or setting your brain on autopilot and cruising through every dungeon of the season.


Since when was heroic raiding and 20s-23s considered competitive.

Since that’s what he has for accomplishments as well.

Honestly, our spec would barely function without the Season 3 set after the changes to Scov and Harsh Discipline.

I like the S2 AND S1 sets, but I think the choice is a no-brainer without a significant talent rebalance, too - which I don’t have any faith we’d get in S4.