Discipline Character Set-up

Hi all! Is my character alright for discipline dungeon healing? Any thoughts on different talents/gear/conduits/etc? Just getting started on this character, haven’t done much yet. Would also welcome pro disc secrets or uncommonly known ways that priest healer can be useful in keys. Thanks <3

Here is a log of me doing a dungeon. Hoping this provides any useful information to people who know more about disc than me: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/xVq1jWtn2d3cbZpm#fight=1&type=summary

Cant fault your healing or dps. Maybe a little more rapture tho these days i find myself using less also.

Castigation is an interesting talent but each their own. Its not wrong. just interesting.

Personal choice but divine star may allow you more globals to mind sear

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Gear-wise, your haste is a bit high, you’re hitting the diminishing return a bit past 30% (Meaning you need more haste to increase the percentage)

Any other stat is good as a replacement in my book, depending on what you want.

Haste is always great though, so 40% can totally be fine if you don’t struggle with mana. Diminishing returns would basically mean that you’d get 1% more stat if the last 10% was invested somewhere else, so it’s not all that huge :man_shrugging:

As for talents, I’m kinda leaning into what Daketh said. Most people run Twist of faith in row 15, but Castigation is a decent choice and if you’re enjoying it, that’s fine. Row 45, both PotW and DS are strong choices. DS is probably the better choice most of the time, but it’s not by a large margin, so really chose what you feel is more interesting.

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I have a lot of trinkets currently including your first class healing one. Its pretty bad. Its effect is really weak and is usually less than 2% healing for me. Id replace that asap.

You also have bad mech rings, id take some time to farm lower keys to get your right combo. The combination i have does almost 10% additional healing in high keys where people lost large percentages of health from one hit.

I think your talents could use some work. Your dps is low for junkyard and im confident twist of faith ks a factor here. 20% damage and healing buff is really strong and it has a high uptime through a higher key since youre regularly going to be healing people with low health.

Purge the wicked is nice if you want a relaxed play style, but i way prefer divine star. In dungeons like lower and gambit it will absolutely be your number 1 damage ability. You also get to keep swp. So the combined damage of swp and divine star way out paces purge the wicked for me personally.

I didnt dive too deeply into your log, but based off your damage done id say you should be using shadowword death a lot more and also utilizing boon better. When you get good enough gear youll rely less on boon for a healing cooldown and instead can pump it on cooldowm for more deeps.

I thinking im running 41% :stuck_out_tongue: But when doing +10 keys i go for crit. Im just doing low keys in season 4 trying to help some long time frieinds gear for DF. But same as BFA with corruptions i like my crit

Well, like I said, can be fine if you’re not mana starved because of it.
Haste is generally one of our better stats. I’m mostly mentioning this for the sake of diminishing return :slight_smile:

ITs funny. saying haste in raids sucks up your mana was shut down. Say it in keys and no one bats an eyelid. I find if i run solace i have no mana issues at all. mindbdner gives me some issues but i prefer simplying my rotation in keys in case i need to actually heal

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Personally, I think Haste’s usefulness caps near ~25% in keys.

In Raid, the faster you can cast, the better to both ramp faster, and get more out of your atonement window.

In dungeon, your atonement window isn’t going to cover everything (currently) and our DoT in Shadowlands is… terrible. So you’re not getting huge returns on dot damage either. So at that point, it’s haste up till you feel you don’t have any problems covering people - and other stats after that.

To OP:

For talents, I’d drop castigation unless you’re using penance mostly defensively for its heal or are seeing very low Twist uptime (you can check this in details overall). Twist of Fate is generally better any uptime above ~20%. If you’re using penance defensively a lot, then sure it’s getting more value. But looking at your log, it doesn’t look like you are. It also has some anti-synergy with purge, because you want to use it offensively to spread that.

For stats, again I think keep as much haste as you’re comfortable with, but otherwise focus it into verse/crit.

For Gear:
Your trinkets aren’t very good right now. Having at least one good damage trinket is usually great for your DPS. If you CAN you should try and grab a resonant reservoir from the SoFO raid. If you don’t want to raid, next best damage trinket is from upper kara - the lightning orb one - I think called volatile energy orb. You can also grab an Iron Docks Enforcer’s Stun Grenade and use it when you’re about to boon - which will increase damage a ton. As far as healing trinkets go, most the healing trinkets from dungeons are pretty awful - the best ones are probably the spectral feline in sanctum of domination, or the carved ivory keepsake from the same place. Generally should go with a stat stick like Soleah’s in that spot.

Look for a rebooting bit band from workshop, as opposed to the shielding one you have. Rebooting bit band is insane value on discipline, because we generally let people hover a bit below 100% health outside grievous weeks so it overheals way less than on other healers.

For conduits - yours look fine, just need upgrades on em. If you start struggling for mana, can get another potency conduit and add in the attack speed conduit for your mindbender (from shadow).

For getting more damage out - I think the culprit (on top of not having a good damage trinket) is your boon use. From most your logs, it looks like you’re rarely casting ascended nova. Which means you’re getting significantly weaker ascended eruptions, and your damage is lower overall. There’s some dungeons where moving into melee at certain times is terrible, so I’m not faulting you there. But whenever you can, you should be trying to Blast>nova>nova>blast on repeat while boon is up.

As far as extra tips, those tend to be dungeon dependent or surrounding our utility (mostly mind soothe, mind control, mass dispel, shining force and leap of faith). Overall looking at your logs, I’d say find more places to use pain suppression. Usually you can do this by tracking tank CDs and in larger pulls using them when the tank CDs are coming to an end. But I mean if you get through with lower Pain supp use it’s not exactly a problem as much as it’ll be good practice for when your key level gets high enough that you need it.


Im pretty sure haste doesnt work this way and there is no real diminishing returns for haste. The problem is running out of mana.

I run 23 crit/35 haste/30 mastery/12 vers

I usually take the crit buff for low keys and vers for 20+

Power of the darkside proc with all crits is a beast lol

There’s no diminishing returns on haste if you’re just spamming shadowmend or spamming smite on people, sure. But haste obviously does scale with DoTs, and a lot of the value of haste for Disc is a result of atonement.

Haste doesn’t increase your atonement duration. What it does is allows you to apply more atonements (which we can only apply 5 in a dungeon), and it allows you to fit more globals inside your atonement/schism windows (but atonement isn’t going to cover all damage patterns in a dungeon, and we’re not taking Schism most the time).

It’s still good, don’t get me wrong, because you’ll want to be multi-dotting and mastery stacking isn’t fantastic for us. But I absolutely feel it less around 25% and would rather stack crit/verse at that point. Currently I run 30% haste because that’s how my gear turned out. Just saying I wouldn’t ever take the haste bounty, and if I could I’d drop some haste.

And as an edit:

This will change in DF (and I guess pre-patch) for me so long as there aren’t big balance changes towards our DoTs, because PTW is looking very strong in DF right now from my testing, and haste is reducing our PW:S CD so haste is going to be pretty nice.

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Ohh that makes so much sense now, I have been struggling on the mana and I guess it’s probably related to my high haste. also choose haste as the seasonal affix as well because my reaction time is a bit slower so I like the spells being short casts! That way I can still help before they die! Thanks everybody!

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Was the theory with corruptions in bfa too. I went crit and still do now 70-90% crit means more dps and easier healing