Discconect as when attempting to log onto character

I keep disconnecting when trying to load into game. This appears to be kinda random as I can get disconnected a few times in a row and it’ll run perfectly when it randomly lets me in. However it is very annoying to have to try multiple times. Occasionally it’ll happen when on other loading screens, but not as frequently as when I’m first loading game.

This causes also causes my net for other things to break for a few seconds as well.

This is a screen recording of a stream playing on the side to show exactly what I’m experiencing:

drive.google. com/file/d/1EHE5xHYmWqDAoGovGibzfoZwdozGOHPj/view?usp=sharing

Hopefully someone here has a solution.

Here are a few details as well.

-I’m on a wired internet connection, the net throughout the house does not stop, only on my pc.
-I’ve tried repairing game and uninstalling and reinstalling.
-All my drivers are up to date.
-It’s driving me crazy.

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This description tells us the issue is likely with the home network configuration. While that’s outside what is supported in this forum, the staff did write up some tips for addressing it: