Disc Priest Help in Pvp

I have no idea why, but my healing in RBGs I ran last night was really low. Any tricks that ai may be missing? I’m also venthyr, idk if that matters.

Healing as disc in rbgs really has to big types of healing. Some people tend to shy away from atonement healing and really just radiance into penance heals.

I personally like to pump damage as it helps the team so I focus on atonement healing.

Example if I see my team a around 50-60% health I will radiance- offensive penance into a mindgames or mindblast. if team is lower health I use a bigger CD.

Find what works for you and go with it. I also play different stats than most I went a full mastery/vers build with around 11% haste. Most disc priest I run into and play with go with a vers/haste build. Topping healing charts can be done but resto druids and MW can easily out hps us.

Cheers. Keep playing games.


Make sure I got the upgraded radiance conduit.
Don’t use radiance for atonement. Use shield talent tree. Spam purge of the wicked. Shield and damage. Also in rbgs dispel magic on the twrget and mindgames. Setup for sw death. Shields and dots. Shields and dots. Penance and shadowmend when they light up. I run four penance bolts. Top charts. Eat a cookie

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I went with a mastery/haste build and also use the atonement as a large source of healing. I cannot get into the specifics of my rotation as every fight is different