Disc Needs Buffs

9.1.5 changes…look abysmal.

Look, I know they’re mainly a PvP healer from the looks of it, but my god they feel so underwhelming in PvE…

I’m the same geared as a holy paladin and he’s doing QUADRUPLE my healing, and i’m ramping and playing perfectly.

Why do i have to put 10x the amount of effort to heal when these other classes can do it so easily?

Contrition is a dead talent- why buff it, and as a matter of fact? WHY BUFF IT 15%???

Nobody picks Divin Star over PTW, so why buff the damage on it? PTW is TOO good?

Shadow Covenant buff is kinda decent…but again Sins of the Many just overpowers it…

Here’s what we REALLY NEED:
Holy Priest’s smite more damage than it does in Disc, by roughly 70%
Smite: Damage increased by 50%
Penance: Damage increased by 30% (healing is a bit meh as we have conduits and the dark side buffs) Healing increased by 30%
Purge the Wicked: Damage over Time increased by 30%

Castigation: moved to Baseline - Replaced with PvP Talent Dark Archangel
(This makes it a competitive choice between Schism)

Purge the Wicked: moved to same tier as Sins of the Many (replaces Contrition)

Ultimate Radiance (PvP Talent) Now replaced Purge the Wicked’s spot and healing has been reduced from 150% to 50%

Lenience: Removed - Replaced with Redesigned Contrition = Target an ally, causing all damage or healing they do to heal nearby allies of the target. Has a 30 seconds cd, lasts 10 seconds. Transferred healing is based off of the targeting priests atonement.


You buffs look good, but I don’t expect them to do anything about it…you know It’s blizzard after all.

Anyway, Divine star looks decent when you don’t have time to dot mobs and Shadow covenant will make grevious easier a bit.

If you were playing perfectly, you would be 10/10 mythic.

No you’re not.


I’m uncertain how a holy paladin is doing quadruple your healing unless your healer lead is having you hold your burst. Disc is in a strange place in that we are the strongest AOE burst healer in the game by a large margin and have the best grouped raid cool down in the game this tier. Your suggested buffs would make us to strong. I do wonder if we could slightly reduce our burst for a slight increase in general hps.

I agree with your damage buffs to Smite/Penance/Purge. We’re supposed to be the damage-healer but if there’s no proc, or covenant ability up, atonement doesn’t feel that strong, causing us to overly rely on mana inefficient Shadow Mends, defeating our whole purpose. (I’m speaking from a M+ perspective, I don’t raid.)

The patch’s Divine Star buff could be useful I guess. 40% Damage buff is not that bad. But it’ll feel awkward having to multidot with Shadow word: Pain instead of just using Penance to spread purge like usual.

Buffing Shadow Covenant is good, but then again it highlights the core problem of Disc being too reliant on Shadow Mend, rather than doing damage, so I don’t like it. (It’s true you can use SC to buff your Mind Blast / Sear, but that’s just 1 Blast, and Sear doesn’t do that much Atonement healing.)

I do like that talent you made up to replace Contrition, it’s like turning a dps into our mindfiend, lol.

Btw, current Contrition isn’t completely useless! I found it very good on grievous weeks if you use it with The Penitent One and Castigation. Contrition itself did like 3k healing or something per Penitent proc.

Contrition would be an interesting talent choice if it perhaps caused your damage penance to also damage each target afflicted by sw:p/purge.
Or just remove it entirely. Disc needs some design changes.
(Maybe let’s give penance two charges. One for damage, one for healing. Make it feel less like a wet pool noodle).

Why does disc need buffs if healers are semi-competitive with each other?

2893 H pal
2839 Disc priest
2830 R Shaman
2752 R druid
2741 Mistweave Monk

Disc was also bought to the RWF.

Healer damage only really matters when you’re trying to do +24s and higher. Kyrian does really big AOE damage and AutomaticJak is doing +26 keys as both Holy & Disc pulling like 3-4k overall.

Boon ramps reach up to 60K HPS every single time it’s done so long as the damage is there to heal. That’s like double what Holy Paladins heal during their CDs (Ashen Included). It’s also way more than Spirit Shell ever did even in 9.0. If you’re being outhealed by a holy pally by quadruple it’s most likely because you’re posting on your main and unironically trying to raid as a necro disc priest (or your raid isn’t planning CDs).

The only thing we need are mana cost reductions and for the Spirit Shell cap to be restored to what it was so it can compete with Evangelism. Trying to buff our damage to Holy Paladin levels is not the answer. The answer is to nerf them to actually be in line with the other healers.

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Personally I think they should just split disc into two specs, one for holy damage dps that isnt based around DoTs for priests who want to dps but dont like shadow (Purification?) and Disc should revert back to pre-cata disc and be centered around shields and absorbtion effects for the majority of its “Healing” OR at the very least give us Cata/MoP disc back where the atonement heals were just an extra you got for dpsing when there wasnt major healing to do rather than the main focus of the spec.

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Im not sure how you can say that hey, you/we have all seen what happened in CN with SS being so overpowered for very little effort. Its toxic game play for healing

Stop with this ridiculous, dysgenic, rehearsed, nauseating narrative. It doesn’t make any sense.

Spirit Shell was nerfed and we fell in line with other healers as a result. All it needed was tuning. The new Spirit Shell Kyrian ramp(s) is easily the most complicated rotation in the game right now. Trying to pin an absorb healer as some sort of unredemebly overpowered healer in all scenarios is a ridiculous knee-jerk reaction to the “nerf Spirit Shell” bandwagon that happened in 9.0 is crazy.

Love this great ideas and changes and totally agree. Smites damage should be same across all 3 specs. Penance buffed and rest of changes are great. Good work great thoughts really hope blizzard listens or at least considers this. Contrition does really suck I have tried build centered around it, the healing is just not there vs other builds.

To add Shield mana cost needs to reduced by 50% to boot or something better to spread around Atonements. Radiance is expensive and on a 20sec CD and Shields/Flash heal is expensive. Mana issues persist on longer fights.

Spirit shell shouldn’t exist and disc shouldn’t be reliant on covenant abilities to do relevant atonement bursts.


No you know what’s REALLY toxic gameplay for healing? Having to play like an anemic dps to generate the bulk of your healing. Sure its unique but then so is a birth defect.

It’s really not though.

It’s two 20 second rotations that switch every 90 seconds. 2 PTWs, Shadowmend, 9 shields, Radiance, Boon of the ascended, radiance, Spirit Shell + Ascended Blast, Radiance, Ascended Blast, Schism, Ascended Blast, 2 Ascended Nova, Ascended Blast, 2 Ascended Nova, Ascended Blast. The second rotation is: 2 PTWs, Shadowmend, 9 shields, Shadowfiend, 2 Radiance, Spirit Shell, Schism, Penance, Mind Blast, Solace, Smite.

Like seriously I would love to know who has a more complicated rotation than that? Even the simplified Evangelism ramp is harder than what any other healer has to deal with.

Too many “disc priests” whining for the removal of Spirit Shell and not enough of them suggesting any compensatory buffs or realistic balance feedback.

How about if you include overhealing? Disc is doing less healing than all other healers, but it is not that bad. Also, disc brings the best CD in the game, barrier.

Why do you think all of the world best guilds have disc priests in their line up? The absorbs and damage reduction mean undergeared groups can get through fights. I emphasize “can” though because average guilds lack the understanding of fights and disc to really take advantage of what they bring. It is my understanding that the best raid leaders in the world know disc inside out and so know how to maximize what it brings.

In M+ disc can pump healing. The only problem is mana burn. A lot of healing in groups with monkeys or on hard pulls can mean you have to drink too often–and most tanks won’t wait for you. That is my experience anyhow.

Edit: I would add that a lot of disc priests can heal more but don’t get innervates. Hence, their HPS suffers. Not to mention that they don’t do bad damage–incidentally, another reason the top world guilds have them in their line up.

In my opinion, disc would be vastly better with one simply change: A reduction in the mana cost of Shadow Mend. That, and at least when it comes to M+: the reintroduction of something akin to Fish Feasts.

Boon of the ascended, radiance, Spirit Shell + Ascended Blast, Radiance, Ascended Blast, Schism, Ascended Blast,

Wtf is this? Cannot be the optimal way to play…