Disc is very weak

Disc right now is suffering from some serious neglect and needs some very significant buffs. Since 9.2 disc has been slowly pushed out of balance with the other healers due to weak 2nd legendaries and one of the (still bugged) worst 2 sets and an non synergistic 4 set. Disc doesnt care about getting any specific item from raid with dinar other than the anduin ring. As a result disc in season 4 has almost the same powerlevel as a disc in 9.1 while every other healer has eclipsed disc. Disc had this issue in 9.2 but due to some niche bosses in mythic sepulcher disc was useably strong in very specific scenarios, but thats it. Now with other healers scaling better into season 4 and the difficulty level of the raids going down, there arent any niche scenarios that require a disc or even want one. Not to mention disc has been awful in m+ forever. Now they are so far down the healer totem pole that disc is not even close to the strength of the next best healer. A 10% aura buff wouldnt even make them move a placing. Disc needs something to just make it playable till dragonflight.


Honestly I did a couple disc keys last night and I think it’s actually kinda good right now. Was putting out 6k overall dps. 7-8k in junkyard.

Damage is still a problem, but with a bunch of high level holy priests running Night Fae, their personal damage isn’t amazing either right now and PI is what’s carrying them. Disc’s actually a lot safer a pick if you’re going NF too.

Maybe raid is rough right now (I doubt it since they’re still higher damage healers), but I’m honestly feeling pretty good about Disc right now. It could change, but I was pretty worried about losing Urh in S3, and I think it’s actually way better than I thought. Planning to try it out in higher keys in the upcoming weeks.

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Disc doesn’t need anything really. It’s the most OP healer spec there is and it’s the easiest too.

I cant even get close to that. But then i dont have that Desausage trinket. How much dps was that add

yeah no i badly want the Desausage trinket.

I felt ok in raid this week tho i did poorly. Died to many times to silly but you have made me curious on where disc is standing this week. ok looked. Not crash hot tho in my personal raid i felt competive

Don’t have it. I run mailemental and ooze from last season. :frowning:

I was playing with my friend and we were doing pretty big pulls. So Boon was carrying the damage.

Did some higher keys today and swapped to NF. I’m actually really liking NF Disc. Lower damage, but PW:S + Fae Fermata is nice and really smooths out the damage. Also really helps to eliminate mana issues.

I played a bit in seaons 1 but not since. Might look at it. Just asked a tank friend of mine and he said yeah since healer dps is less needed in higher keys atm night fae is great for defensive and for the dpsers

I’d be curious to try it out as well. At least for weeks like current one where mana is more an issue and we need to be more on the defensive and maybe stay in range :thinking:

Although, I’d probably keep kyrian for Grimrail. That place is a LoS nightmare and I try to be pretty close to the tank as much as I can, so might as well keep boon for that one. Last boss requires quite a bit of hps too… I had to do 12k on it last night, seems a bit much for fortified…

I’m not going to comment on the rest of this post (minus the Dinar thing), but I’m intrigued as to how their 4-set is ‘non synergistic’. Would you consider Holy’s to be non-synergistic?

Also Hymnal exists, so that’s a Dinar item for you. Potential SWoR for Venthyr raid, I guess, but Hymnal is the main thing. Ring if none, then Hymnal, then a Fated ring.

I think it feels like the best spot it’s been in for most of the xpack.

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I honestly feel like disc is really good right now.

I used to dread grievous weeks and this week its like it didnt even exist.

I disagree about the legendaries as well. Empowered penance and boon of the ascending on a 1 min cooldown are very strong in s4 m+ content where theres a lot of non avoidable damage going out. Empowered penance takes a tank to full if you choose the crit buff. Or itll raise the health of your entier group by like 40% during big damage moments like the last boss in GR.

This seasons afflixes are nice as well. Im sitting at around 30% haste unbuffed so i take the crit buff. Having a 50% crit, 30% haste, and 14% vers going into the last boss (lust) is very strong. Shadowmend crits do half health.

The drawback to disc right now imo is mana. I found theres a few strong trinkets for discipline right now that really help. The mana orb dropping trinket im using procs A LOT! I also got a 10% dps buff when i got my second trinket.

You mention disc being strong in niche fights but i think we have a lot of uses for our toolkit this season. Mass dispell is grest for shrouded, pain supression is super helpful, and barrier has been amazing. It works great on the scary demon with the health siphon.Theres several bosses with group wide damage mechanics where you need to stack.

Ive only been doing keys up to 18 but i personally feel its stronger than last season, by a lot.