Disc HPS being awful

So, with the new tier data, disc is clearly some 20-30% worst than the avarage healer 90 percentile (the players played REALLY well). So is ok to disc to be the most punitive healer to play that does by far the least healing and almost half venthyr hpal damage.

And with the kyrian leggo inc, even if its bis, it makes boon on 2m CD, therefore making evangelism / ss on a 2m CD.

I guess good healing design spawm rejuv/riptide/essence font right. Sounds like a fair change on a fair exp and patch lol


Disc priest has always been bad when a new tier releases and that is mostly because ppl don’t know anything about timers on the fights so you can pretty much can’t pre shield and atonement everyone to correctly use Evangelism or SS.

In Castle Nathria Disc priest was also worst healer for the first weeks until people realized when to use cooldowns and then Disc started to climb to best healer of the tier.
Also Heroic isn’t a tier that a lot of raw dmg is going like mythic so shields lose some value in there, you might wanna try evangelism.

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This might change ALOT after renown 48

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Need to wait for 57 renown Mikanikos’s last power.

I’m just annoyed that the healer based around dealing damage isn’t the top dps healer spec

I mean wtf Blizzard?


Disc historically been bottom in heroic week. We all should understand why so i wont go over it.

An issue ive seen so far is disc been dogmatic in their use of SS. Clandon did a guide on icy veins for what spec he advises and after 4 bosses ive followed that advice, been second on hps every fight and ranking in the 90% for each fight. Got my second raid night tonight so hopefully get to test some more but people need to open their minds. Had 28 in my raid and still went disc and did well. Dont write it off.

Disc doesn’t perform well in heroic.

They’re better in mythic where you line up SS with raid wide damage mechanics.

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he said more punitive healer?

Yes, i think there isnt even an close second

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It’s so predictable this will happen again, as it did in 9.0, and even if disc continues to trail slightly in raw HPS no one in their right mind can argue that absorb/mitigation HPS isn’t way more valuable than reactive healing HPS, so even if it were 20% less throughout the tier (unlikely) people would still say disc is irreplaceable.

I mean yes, but people who are new to WoW, new to healing, or mid-level players who don’t really ever go into mythic don’t really understand any of the nuance that goes into Mythic groups bringing Disc priests.

The vast majority of people in this game stare at meters. If you’re on top of the DPS you’re the best. It doesn’t matter if you did 0 mechanics in the fight, you were the top DPS dude. A lot of people look at healers the same way. You’re the top HPS? You must be the best healer here. To the point where healers will actively snipe each other to try and stay top HPS.

You’ll see this every patch, and it will be worse each expansion launch. The more people who join the healers and hear Disc is really good (because they’re never NOT good) and therefore roll Priest, the more you’ll see people look at the Norm/Heroic weeks and freak out about the spec being bad. It happens every time without fail.


Holy is fun. I saw I was running out of mana alot, but I was kind of tooled for pvp/pve, but if I switch to just a raider kind of talents then its okay.

Dude you are an 6/10M CN holy priest. I dont get why you are posing like a mastermind disc theorycrafter. Of course in situations with a huge instant damage followed by more damage, shields > heals. But say that bc disc have SS and some small damage ( almost half an venthyr pally) it is OK to do 20% less HPS is just absurd and you clearly dont know the spec (wich makes sense since you use holy)

Because he plays both specs mate as do most raiding priests so have an insight to both specs :slight_smile:

Disc has always been bottom on heroic week, by a long way. Mythic is where its more balanced.

Well first, try 7/10. I had to switch to holy during Nathria because I was helping with raid leading during the tier and therefore having to pay attention to way more. That on top of keeping up with ramps was a bit too much and I noticed myself messing up on hungering pulls. Still played Disc through dungeons, and even now I’ll play disc in dungeons when I’m feeling it. I would play disc in raid too, but after transferring I joined a guild with a Disc priest, and there’s no fight in the raid where you’d ever need 2.

That said, you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to healing, and you do seem roughly new to it. I’m not going to bring skill into this discussion because it’s not relevant. Yes, Discipline is a valuable spec to take even if it’s doing 20% less healing than other healers (though, it won’t be - it will be doing more HPS than that) because barrier as a CD is way too good to not to have. I might have agreed with you if DK AMZ hadn’t gotten nerfed out of orbit and the Kyrian leggo didn’t position them to do an absolutely massive amount of healing. But just having a CD like barrier on fights like guardians/painsmith is extremely important.

The spec’s not dead. Even though it’s not in the spot I’d ever want it to be. Ideally I’d kill Spirit Shell again, re-buff the spec’s damage to beta levels (because the nerfs only happened after SS introduction) and call it a day. It doesn’t look like Disc’s gonna go in a direction that I want it to, but it’s absolutely not dead lmao.

Most likely because I came back to play and picked disc. Blizzard is watching what I do and nerfing the things I want to play.

Right now we’re walking into raids that don’t really require that high level coordination of raid cds so disc isn’t going to perform well since it can’t line up their cds. Once every fights down to a science disc will start performing.

Weird to say coming from someone who’s only got the last 3 bosses killed and only those achievements. Did you just join a progressed guild and decide to swing your D around here now?

There are lots of reasons why disc can look way worse than it really is.

  1. As mentioned above, people don’t know the damage patterns yet.
  2. In large groups–as in normal and heroic (vs mythic) healers with raid-wide heals, like Divine Hymn and Tranquility, are going to do more HPS than in groups of 20 in mythic. In smaller groups (20 or less) disc will be more normalized.
  3. Disc’s best covenant, Kyrian, requires level 48 renown for access to the key legendary. That is going to have impact. Conduits will also factor in here.
  4. Damage reduction–as from Barrier and Pain Suppression, won’t show up on meters.
  5. Absorbs plus damage reduction from Disc Priests plus healing from other healers will permit groups that are undergeared get the boss kills. This is why disc is important in the race for world’s first and in high end guilds. This is a key reason why you ought to take HPS number a disc priest does with a grain of salt.
  6. For disc absorb healing and damage reduction to be optimized there needs to be coordination, knowledge of timers, etc. Hence disc is not going to shine early on when this knowledge is not widespread.

Besides, people can mistakenly think healing meters are the be all and end all. They have very limited usefulness vs damage meters for multiple reasons. That said, the nerf putting SS on a longer CD is a bummer.

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There are some fights evang does quite well, tho it seems a forgotten skill at this point