Disappointed in the beta handouts

(Miles) #76

OK. great. congratulations.

I am only wanting the best game possible.

(Rhielle) #77

Ah, yes… because being genuinely curious about why people feel a certain way and wanting to know their perspective is absolutely the worst thing in the world to ask.

Perhaps you should give your perspective, since you seem to have taken such offense. Though I don’t expect much, seeing as how you just immediately went to insults instead of attempting to have a discussion.


Everytime you call a streamer a “content creator” a small child dies


company is trash


Just like this salty post.


I have a day 1 account and I’m not a pro streamer, I got beta access the same moment all the streamers did. O_o

(Nissinn) #83

Uhhh how did you know?


Dood… Panser is a little bit higher up the food chain than just a streamer lol.

(Skribby) #85

What? You make zero sense, go back to bed.

(Shaytime) #86

are you a streamer? if the answer is no thats why you didnt get beta.

(Verheinen) #87

Oh, I justr checked my launcher, I got into the Beta. Huh, I’m not even a streamer.


You aren’t entitled to a beta invite. Neither am I and I’ve been a pretty good boy too.

(Aryxymaraki) #89

The number of streamers are such a minority that I doubt they even considered them when deciding how many people to invite.

It was probably just like “Ok, we’ll invite a few thousand people. Figure out the exact number. And also these twenty streamers.”

(Skribby) #90

Pretty much this.


This… It’s free marketing. I think streaming has changed the way that Blizzard thinks about its betas. If you haven’t noticed, the Beta has a small number of bugs - it’s more about finding the right mix that fits what the average vanilla player would consider as close to ‘1.12’ as possible.

Some of the streamers have even said they’ve only encountered a few bugs at best. This is more about building up the hype and marketing the game to all the people that stopped playing because BFA sucks.

PS: I seriously doubt they invited thousands to the beta. If they did, they’d be testing layering by now, and I’m sure they’re saving that for the stress tests. I think they probably invited a couple hundred people at most to the beta so far.


Get over it. There were literally millions of players who played vanilla and millions continue to play in current. You’re not special. You didn’t get beta move on and wait 3 whole months for release. You’ll live don’t worry


I played during vanilla… didn’t even cross my mind that i was owed anything for my loyalty other than the access I get for paying my $14.99 (less really since i buy in six month blocks) per month.

(Teedo) #94

Don’t give up bro, it’s only a few days in. You very well may get one within the week


Yep blizzards way of advertising, some of those streamers like report things that are obviously not bugs, because most of them and other people probably don’t know what is a bug and not anymore.

Very correct early beta access is streamers reward and bribe for advertising.

(Thundathys) #96

A month sub is a product, so consider it a $15 buy-in.