DISABLE premades





yes. you’re bad.

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Would be nice if there were an item level requirement to queue for random bgs. They have it for random dungeons, you can’t queue for SL dungeons until you have 80 ilvl or something like that. That should apply to bgs too.

Kinda rough seeing players with 12k-15k hp at level 51+. I mean wearing the ilvl 63 gear you got for boosting a character to 50 should’ve been upgraded by level 57 :grimacing:.

The “levelers” claim to be there for easy leveling but they can’t contribute when they show up that poorly prepared thus the team loses and everyone gets next to no XP for the loss. Sounds a bit counter productive is all I’m saying.

Would be nice though. If gear is going to matter so much then requirements should be placed to maintain some form of consistency.


PvPers should never be required to do pve to get gear. A better design would be to set a minimum ilvl in bgs that your gear will scale to.


They had a system like that where only people in your ilvl bracket would que into you but they removed it cause to many people whined about how all the time they put into their gear was now meaningless cause they couldnt use it to curbstomp people without it

There should never be an ilvl requirement for queued PVP. They should just boost everyone’s stats to whatever max ilvl is for current tier PVP gear so long as they’re wearing level-appropriate gear to stop people from using busted items from the past.


Just make personal MMR - new players will bundle with new players and learn together and premades of geared players will run into similarly skilled opponents every time.

No blowouts (generally) where one team has four glads and the other 10 casual new PVPers, premades (who generally tend to be better geared and longer PVPers) won’t be able to slaughter lowbies, everyone generally wins.

Games like Apex do this already; it’s crazy to make a catch-all bucket when gear/skill/coordination is so insanely wide at this point in wow’s life.

No they whined because the que time was absolutely disgusting lol. Just readd two single sets of pvp gear with an elite set being a recolour idk why this is so complicated blizzard.

Go full wod - all gear is scaled to ilvl 400 ( an example idk what ilvl df will be) honour set is 415 and conquest is 425. done.

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Until anyone can enter PvP and have a chance to compete on equal footing, regardless of time invested in rated content or PvE; This games PvP system will remain a mess.


aka forever and ever?

You know what could work!? Make the level sync ilvl the standard for all characters that enter a BG and if the players that are leveling want to gear higher than that ilvl they could. That sounds AMAZING :star_struck:

So how do PvPers gear then? Just out of curiosity.

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This is a better idea, but the big issue right now is how big the gear grap is from top to bottom. Going to be fixed in DF, so won’t be nearly as bad as now.

if you sell the honor set for gold, players can be in starter PVP gear before ever stepping into a game.

While leveling, you get gear by completing level appropriate content (quests, dungeons, crafting etc…) and at end game, base PvP gear should be available for gold, then upgraded with honor and conquest for each respective item level threshold.

OK that makes sense. But that doesn’t exist right now. Not sure if it exits in DF or if we know yet. But even then, one of the biggest complaints about leggos is the gold sink. Not everyone has gold to blow on gear.

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Cool, do this with gear in dungeons, raids and M+ as well.

i originally suggested it as part of larger suggestion for a gear overhaul, so its just an idea floating out there atm. i was thinking like 35-50g an item. essentially you should be able get a toon ready to PVP less than 5 minutes after hitting 60.

5 minutes? For max level pvp? Idk about that lol.