Dipping my toe into the Commuinity

Hey everyone, the name is Skup and I’m kind of a noob. I’ve been RPing for years on Forums and OnexOne. But I’ve never had the courage to start RPing in WoW. I’ve finally mustered what I have to start looking into it.

The question is, where do you start?

I already have TRP3, so I can make a profile for my character. And I’ve done that. But I’m unsure on where to go from there. The idea of just walking up to someone and starting something is mighty intimidating!

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What faction are you on?
What kind of RP are you looking for?

I’m Horde!

As for what kind of RP I’m looking for, I’m not really sure? I’ve never RPed in a game before.

I started by lurking on the back bench at events like the story circle that was in Thunder Bluff, then Bloodhoof Village.

RPing in WoW isn’t all that much different than any other form of RP. It’s just a different medium and RP’s are planned and done a little differently.

I think a good place to start with RP in general (I’m kind of a stranger here too) is to have and look at the character you’re wanting to RP with. What kind of story do you want to tell with them? What kind of things would your character get involved in? Find your themes.

The direction I went was to keep an eye for guilds with a concept I feel me and my character would fit in and tried to enter the RP community with a group. Just because my track record is kinda bad doesn’t mean yours would be. Sitting in an active IC zone and engaging in walk-ups scares the heck out of me tbh so not much helpful advice with that.

Stalking the forums while unsubbed, I’ve seen that a lot of people here are pretty chill and friendly, so you’re bound to find a friend or two fairly early. That’s kind of the limit of my advice, but I hope it helps!

Oh, that sounds good. A lot of the problem is, I don’t know what I want from it. I have my character fairly figured you, a young Goblin who’s still reeling from the loss of Kezan and the move to Azshara. She is a Hunter/Tamer type who hunts creatures and tames them to sell them to the highest bidder. Like a lot of Goblins, Profit is king.

I would love to get her as a part of a Cartel, but I admit I don’t see a ton of Goblins around. And I don’t want to RP with Just Goblins, if you feel me.

Yeah, I get you. I think there’s a few crime and/or Cartel-esque guilds around that welcome a diverse cast. I have a friend with a guild kind of like that, need to dig a little for that info tho. I’ll get back to you on that.

This is the most recent collection of Horde RP guilds: The Horde Guild Directory(Seeks Guilds!)

Browsing through that might have some benefit for you, and if you’re actively searching, keeping an eye on the forums is a good idea. Midkey what I’m doing.

Other than that, just spend time with your character concept I guess. I find inspiration for ideas as I’m doing really anything. Make sure its something you’re gonna have fun with too. Most important thing!

Welcome to the server! If you’re interested in some good general information you can take a gander at Lindiwe’s thread (if you haven’t already).

In the popular links section at the bottom of the post are some pretty good related threads that people have contributed to that give some nice info for role playing and the like. I’m Alliance mainly so can’t help as much with Horde RP but I wish you tons of luck. WrA is a great server!