Didn't receive loot from the Horrific Visions

Spoke with a gm earlier, and apparently its not guarantee, or it might be once per day, who knows?

I know that it clearly states that we should receive one per vision, ilvl varies from objectives completely and masks worn.

" Gear Rewards

Completing the main objective of a Horrific Vision will reward 1 gear item from the “pre-raid” set. The item level of this piece depends on how many other activities you did in the Horrific Vision, as well as how many Faceless Masks were active." - wowhead

It doesn’t state anywhere that its limited to one per day, or even thats its up to RNG.

Now, I upgraded the cloak, and I know this gear is going to be replaced next week. But, it’s the principle that whoever encountered this should be compensated.

If you go to a restaurant and your order is messed it, it’s their responsibility to fix it. Well, this patch has a few messed up orders, Blizzard.


Wowhead isn’t an official source. They are likely basing their info off the PTR but they always give you better drop rates / less gating on the PTR than Live so that testers can get to stuff faster. I’m not sure we can say it is unintended without a blue text somewhere saying every HV run gives gear.

Given that most of us are running 5 or 6 HVs this week it seems unlikely they’d throw that much free gear at us at once. Although I agree I too would have liked more than the one 5 ilvl upgrade belt I got.

This blue post isn’t reflective of what is happening in game: Horrific Visions Rewards

I’ve done Vision boss + 2 bonus objectives (3 chests to open at the end) and gotten no 430 loot. I got one 420 piece from my first run (boss only) and that’s it.

Lot of people are saying they aren’t getting higher tier rewards first time they clear higher tiers.

I havn’t gotten crap I even did not receive a piece of gear from the uldum assault that reset on Friday put in a ticket blizzard said they have gotten a lot of complaints but have not seen a known issue aka not admitting to there bugged up system.


I did 3 horrific visions in progressively increasing difficulty and out of myself and 4 friends not a single one of us got loot over 3 runs. Something is wrong

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Add to that the rank 6 quest bugged out completely - really agitated. Completed The Drag and the other area with all the totems. Its bad enough one of the totems actually re-spawned twice, so I clicked it again and cleared that area, then killed Thrall - didn’t get my quest item for Rank 6 for completion.

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5 horrifics and one piece dropped on the first one that’s it

ive ran 15 or so visions (across 3 toons) 2 sets solo. 1 set in a group. in all those runs, i did just boss or +1 obj. and across all 3 toons (and the people i played with in the group), we never once saw a piece of loot. even on the 1st clear…

I am so glad I’ve not even finished the opening quest chain, as this not only doesn’t sound remotely fun, but enragingly frustrating on top of it.

I’m actually happy to be slowly leveling the gear of my 6 120s via the old 8.2.5 content, so hopefully, it won’t be a one-shot-and-I’m-dead-fest that will make me not want to buy Shadowlands.

I’m also finally getting around to finishing the Vulpera requirements, mostly so I can tame that dark wolf version of the Hati model on my Horde Hunter in their intro to the Horde questline.

And I’m having fun.

Hopefully for the sake of everyone’s wellbeing and the game itself, they’ll get this fixed ASAP, and not just say, “Loot drops/no drops are all RNG,” as I clearly saw the word, “chance” in the blue post regarding the thread on Horrific Visions Rewards.

Is that the Stepping through the Darkness quest or something like that? I did one bonus objective and the boss like it I said but then didnt get the quest reward. Submitted a ticket and Blizz just said sorry we cant validate that you actually did the extra wing. Like wtf the extra chest was there but no quest item.

I did a horrific vision run (full clear) with 3 masks during the week with guarantee corruption drop. Instead of it giving me 460ilvl (normal 445+5+5+5) corrupted gear, it gave me 445 gear as i did it without masks. When I open the ticket and ask support about it, they said there is nothing they can do about it and just ask me to post it on Dev forum. I was seriously disappointed with the response as it was clearly a bug and support doesn’t want to take responsibility.

I did the same. Only gave me 4 chests at the end instead of 5 and gave me a 430 ilevel piece. The exact same thing happened 2 weeks ago when I did my first SW run for the week. I killed everything in there both times. I’m also having issues with crystals not counting when I go to hand them in.

did you forget a cage? IF you forget a cage the run doesnt complete and you will get a 430 item