Didn't receive any Soul Ash

Just Finished a Layer 8 run… Didn’t get any Soul Ash Either


Same, zero soul ash and a ton of people outside the zone complaining about the same thing.

Maybe the new powers broke something in choreghast. I might do a quick second run, but based on the people I’m seeing I’m sure the result would be the same.

I wanted to move this to its own thread so as not to confuse any issues. Looks like our teams are aware of the reports and they are looking into it.


Good on ya Vark. The uptick on people swarming to the forums will deff increase once they do their first run and get nothing. Forsure gonna need its own thread lol.

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Nao estou dropando soul ashe também!!! acabei de finalizar uma Thorgasth e nao recebi as soul ashe

Did a second run after someone said they got a reward from their last and still got nothing. But I figured it was worth a shot.

Looks like we are working on a hotfix, which should resolve the issue and allow folks to get Soul Ash again.

From what I can see this won’t retroactively award the Soul Ash, but you shouldn’t be locked out from earning it if you run again. It’s not the best solution, but hopefully better than the alternative.

Edit: I don’t have an ETA on when the fix will be implemented but as soon as I hear something I’ll update this thread. That way you don’t waste more time running Torghast again before the fix is in. :slight_smile:


No. This will not be turned into a complaint thread. This is for information. I’m sorry if the bug inconvenienced you, and that the solution is not what you’d rather have but we’re not doing this here.


can you please direct me to the complaint thread?


FYI This happened to me on upper reaches layer 6. And when looking at the menu to climb the same part again, it shows as if I haven’t run any this week so far (so 1-6 isn’t grayed out like normal).

I was also curious to see if maybe it would show up in my inbox since that was a patch change from awhile back for those who forgot to loot it from the boss, however I have not received any mail with it at this time.

Since I was on a newer character I did get the [The Upper Reaches] achievement when killing the final boss. However I did not receive the Legendary power [Relentless Inquisitor] from the final boss either.

------Update----- [5:10PM EST]
Ran a layer 5 just now and did receive soul ash and legendary power. Boss: Patrician Cronwell.
First run my boss was Arch-Suppressor Laguas.

So if we completed Torghast are we going to receive mail with the soul ash or are we going to have to run it again? Opened a ticket the moment it happened.

This is probably gonna be the outcome. Pretty rare for them to hand out the rewards in content that can be reran unfortunately. I ran it twice in testing so I get to run the same one a third time for a single runs worth of ash so at least you didn’t go all in like I did to test it lol.

The new power is actually quite strong and if you have some form of invisibility you can just run floor boss to floor boss and do a full clear in about 10-12 minutes.

Same just happened to me, complaint thread or not it is pretty darn annoying and cavalier for blues to just say “too bad do it again.” Hence the reason I said, too bad no more money for you.

If you wish to provide feedback it would be best to post constructively in the General Discussion forum or you can use the submit a suggestion option found through the in-game menu.

You’ll need to run it again once the hotfix is applied.

It is something that our Devs try to do in similar situations. I don’t know all the technicalities involved here, but my guess is that it might not be feasible in this situation.

I in no way said “too bad do it again”. We understand the frustration and inconvenience situations like this cause. I’m sorry if you felt that you needed to stop playing for that reason, but I wish you well wherever your gaming takes you.


I just don’t understand how the owners can come out and admit that they realize nobody likes doing torghest, then mess it up more and then still tell everyone “Too bad”.

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That was a really unfortunate CS response. I guess I’m just confused on how there seems to be issues like this all the time, and the response is always “we’re sorry…keep playing the game though!” just blows my mind…


I enjoy the fact that we have to just hope to have the soul ash for the legendary changes too, legendaries were changed last week, soul ash comes in too slow.

This is messed up in my opinion. That they tell us to rerun torgast again, considering its the worse content ever. Worse they accept blame but doing instead blaming us for not re-doing it. Also worse CS ever.

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