Didnt get horrific core

Yup me being stupid I didnt read before doing 6th and only did thrall

You actually just need to do the bonus objective, thrall at that point is just more mementos.


oh… my cloak was 5 when I did it. I wish it had said that in the objectives. what a bummer

I’d like to add it can’t be the harder bonus area either, it has to be the medium ones.

Oh really? I just assumed you had to beat him too. Stand corrected then. :slight_smile:

If you do both medium bonus objectives then kill thrall you will get gear.

The post on that.

It never said that i had to do bonus objectives. And I thought that If I did have to do more. it wouldn’t teleport me out right after you kill Thrall

My guildmate did the left side of org (wisdom i think, or spirits…the left side 8 sanity one, i always get them confused) and then attempted the lost area for the rank 2 essence and died there. He says he got his rank 6 cloak out of it, so I am going by what I have been informed of.

Sad to see how many folks are miss reading/ mistaking/ or ignoring this quest.

I know they put in a slow down mechanic to help folks catch up, but I do think at this point the quest could be reworded to not leave so many left on the outside looking in.


In the quest doesnt state that you have to do bonus objectives anywhere. Also once inside of the vision. The only objective listed is kill Thrall

To be fair, the journal does say that you need to dive deeper into the visions.

no that’s more like being an A** hole. it says:
“Seek knowledge from manifestations deeper within the vision, and we shall have our answers soon enough.”
And when you enter the instance the only objective listed is to kill Thrall

The quest text itself does, I can’t remember what the objectives said though in the quest tracker.

NO it does not.

Yes, in fact it does. You might want to reread it.


  • Recover a copy of “Fear and Flesh” from the depths of a Horrific Vision…
  • Seek out knowledge from manifestations deeper within the visions…

That phrasing is indicative of needing to do more than easy mode Thrall. In fact, you’ll have to keep doing more than just Thrall from here on out.


Rank 6-11 require at least a Corrupted plus Thrall.
Rank 12-15 require at least a Lost plus Thrall.


ya I did read it. see?

I quoted it above

that Doesn’t say Do bonus objectives. And when you enter instance It does not list any bonus objectives. It only said to kill Thrall.

Does it really have to be spelled out for you? Reading comprehension is a basic thing. There’s already a big post on this anyways, with lots of informative things. I don’t want to sound harsh but this is hardly an issue.

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ouuu I need to get 2 medium areas next week I see, so I get x2 fear and flesh

thanks. =)

FYI even though what you stated is partially true, and those that did not do the side objective would not even be eligible for the quest item.
Not everything you posted is true, first in the WoWhead guides which is were that screenshot is from says that either tier 2 (corrupted) or tier 3 (lost) zones would give the upgrade for the 6-11 rank of the cloak.
Second, there is report of people completing corrupted sides and not getting the item, as well as people like me that did the valley of wisdom instead of a corrupted side and got no upgrade, while other that did the valley of strength also a lost zone got the upgrade normally.

Interesting. My cloak is rank 5. I did a lost zone?(the one with 12 sanity), but messed up and died and didn’t kill thrall. I did complete the zone objective though.

So you’re saying I was supposed to get the item to upgrade my cloak to rank 6 ? Even without thrall?

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