Did you get the name you wanted?

ready to gooooooo.


On shadowstrike Gnome warrior … Weeman


Ikr? “The world is scheduled to be available in approximately 116 hours”. fml

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NO I CANT EVEN SEE MASTERY IN THE LIST IM SITTING HERE GETTING ANGIER AND ANGRIER. IVE BEEN HERE SINCE 7AM AND ITS NOW 10.15AM IN PERTH. Tired of being treated as a customer that doesnt matter. Ive also got a ticket in for a broken character and this is the third ticket in 2 days and they even called me by the wrong name and its a male name Im a female player with a female name. Its not that hard…!

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John Steve Brad taken instantly

I got David though


First thing you want to double-check is that you’re logging into World of Warcraft Classic, not Burning Crusade Classic.

On your launcher playscreen, it’s a dropdown right above the PLAY button labeled GAME VERSION & ACCOUNT. If that says Burning Crusade Classic, click on it and change it to World of Warcraft Classic.


Yeah it was more like over 5 mins for me but got my name and a friends reserved.

Legit don’t know why I even tried. So dissapointed lol

Sure did on Shadowstrike!

All my names got taken.

Got ‘Fury’ on Jom Gabbar. If anyone wants to buy it add me on Bnet: ClassicPOV#1922


Managed to snag Gizmo on Jom, going gnome ofc


Bro they are probably going by the name on your account info and make sure you are on the classic client

Hi Kaivax I know you youve been around for a long time

Thanks Im now installing Warcraft Classic I havent played either Classics for a while and didnt have them installed Im now following your advice and adding Warcraft CLASSIC.


Both of the names I wanted were taken already on my preferred realm, even though I logged in right away as soon as the realms were up.

However, I got one of them on a different realm, so there is at least that.

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See you in Jom :slight_smile: Love that name

Noone ever uses my names.

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Thanks for helping and relieving my frustration Ive still got a ticket open for something else and its taken 3 tickets so far I think the cause is an old bug from March that affected everyone and unfortunately Im now the only one left with the problem. I can remember the issue from march. Basically my character is broken regarding Shadowlands dungeons and the emissaries for the covenants are not in Oribos, I also dont have a Reknown button on my map. Dont worry though Ive put the third ticket in and its going to take maybe 7 hours. Been so frustrated today sigh

As a matter of fact I did: Imwithstupid the Dwarf Hunter on Swamp of Sorrows, I should clarify that I dont hunt Dwarves, I’m a Hunter who happens to be a Dwarf. The way I see it, I’ve had my fill of playing with smelly Orcs and Trolls in TBC Classic so I could do with a bit of a change of scenery for once.


I’m just gonna ask did you download the client? Nevermind I see you figured it out. :slight_smile: