Did you ask to nerf the warrior's mobility?

Get it.

  • New PvP Talent – Safeguard: Intervene now has 2 charges and reduces the ally’s damage taken by 20% for 5 seconds. Intervene’s cooldown is increased by 10 seconds.

  • Piercing Howl: Roots targets hit for 2 seconds.

  • Rallying Cry: Removes movement impairing effects and grants 30% movement speed to allies.

  • Storm of Destruction has been redesigned – Reduces the cooldown of Ravager and Bladestorm by 30%, and Ravager and Bladestorm now also snare all targets you hit by 70% for 8 seconds.

And they get this in addition to everything else that they have without it.


warrs kit has been really primitive and hasn’t really seen anything impactful added to it outside of slands covenants most of which are gone or bad in a long time (not just pvp standup but raids/m+ as well)

Warlocks needed this lmao



Kinda hilarious how Blizz is starting an arms race with mobility. Every melee has infinity mobility/closers now which means they’re gonna give ranged infinity + 1 ways to deal with it


Bro I can’t wait to try and push rating on FDK…

And the specs that are caught in between just trashed…


You could give casters infinity plus infinity ways to deal with melee and make casters 90% of the high ladder and they’ll still cry about a melee meta


Warbanner, disarm, sharpen, duel, slaughterhouse not impactful?


You misspelled “class”.

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I don’t see myself taking these talents, outside of maybe Multi-Intervene (but that’s either on FC maps as Prot, or to defensively help teammates.)

As Fury, why would you want a freedom effect on Rallying Cry when you already have Blood Rage?

What really upsets me here is the “play with my baby” moment Blizzard is having with Thunderous Roar.

Thunderous Roar: Targets receive 5% more damage from all sources while bleeding.

I want a Spear of Bastion meta back. I’m tired of hit button > get damooj.

I don’t know, I had an alleged spriest 10x glad tell me duel is bad into enh/ret

For your teammates but that’d be crazy worrying about anyone else


I was wondering why “warriors” were quiet all of sudden with their “nerf this class” cries

now I know

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that’s pretty insane

duel is criminally underutilized


arms warrior already proccing a bladestorm every 30 seconds, they needed rally freedom/piercing root and/or double intervene

I’m looking forward to arms + aug + holy paladin being the new live lord 80% dampening comp that everyone hates. Duel and Safeguard are going to be pretty gross.

This man knows how warrior works.


its really funny that people keep calling out DUEL as the warrior pvp talent thats too good. the talent that noone plays

  • sharpen mandatory
  • warbanner / safeguard / disarm pick 2
  • storm of destruction if you can meme

rest of the talents blow

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Don’t worry, Warriors will still find something to cry about. Nothings good enough. I guess now they’ll have infinite mobility, infinite roots, a way out of all cc, multiple peels, insane single and multiple target damage, and tanky too. While having 1 class counter. Must be nice.


But they ask to nerf mages. I don’t know how many posts have seen already. They want no counters.