Did tormentors of torghast get changed?

The event just started at 8:30…what? it was always 9/11/1/etc

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Keeps shifting a bit after reset… happens every two hours though so need to track one and then can predict the others.

Just noticed this today that it was later than usual.

Tormentors was at 8PM server it is now over 10PM and no tormentors event, 9PM was wrath of the jailer…

Other changes I noticed today:

The “warning” timer went from 2 minutes to 6 minutes.

Lieutenants now fill only 1% of the bar instead of 33% of the bar.

Didn’t spawn on Illidan at 10PM server, by now they’re 15 minutes late vs. their usual time.


Of all the non problems to be spending time adjusting.

Not that this content matters much now that we’ve reached exalted and found out the rep vendor is really the renown and story quest vendor.

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5 min later now after hotfix.

Just to reiterate what Khronys already said

Nope … still bugged after hotfix.

just sat there from 10 to 11 nothing good stuff

Was the problem no one was doing them?

That’s because barely anyone knows about them because you have to be in the maw when they happen, with your map open, and roll over the icon to even notice them.