Did... they increase the max ilvl of WQ rewards?

I have a 382 and a 392 on my map right now, and I just verified it’s not the addon, they are indeed being offered as the reward.

I’m like 99% sure they never went this high before.


Yup. Outdoor activities including the Feast, WQs and more all had the ilvl rewards increased by 6-7.

Don’t have a table atm for reference but isn’t that like middle of heroic and normal item level for raiding? Doesn’t seem too crazy tbh. If it was 400 I’d be like ok yeah get out of here…

I barely can get a 366 to pop even at 390 Ilvl on my main. I did have a 382 pop on my DK today that is 381.

I realize that the gate control they use to control this does increase over time. Seen it before. Starts out mostly Green then Blue then Epic.

But the WQ rewards are anemic. My main is 390 and has not seen a single 380 ilvl piece of gear from WQ. She also has crap luck on Rares. Drowning in 372 ilvl from Rares.


It was mentioned in the patch notes that ilevels for world drops would increase.

I know it’ll help my alts and I hope you get some good loot too!

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Idk… they always offer like 370ish stuff or less but I’m in the 380s ilvl.

Yea, it said 6-7 levels, but it never went up close to this high. It capped at like 372 max.

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They didn’t really mention World Quests, either… maybe they quietly buffed those too?

I’m getting even more excited now!

(I’m stuck at work)

My bad. They totally mentioned World Quests. 6-7 ilevels indeed!

Wow :eyes: This is great, time to make Moob and FriensTM out of the fields of wherever and get a polearm for my hunter :partying_face:

I wish. Every single one is at least 10 levels below anything i wear.


Yes, it was in the hotfix notes last night.

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They said they did, but all my alts have the same crappy (no upgrade) offers, wearing 363-372

I guess it only gets increased if you already outgear it.

Same here.
402 main has 366 WQs.
370 warrior has 372s somehow though.

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Maybe people were hardly doing wq’s in this expansion. So it’s like we better make them a tad bit more rewarding :rofl:

lol…and mine still poppin out 363 …lol

I think things must be wonky or something on diff servers

Legion, and BFA they would scale up a little as your item level increased. And capped at a certain point to where it couldn’t go higher. Unless it war forged, or titan forged. They should go back to that just leave war, and titan forging out of it imo. That was the biggest complaint about wq gear rewards back then, was the forging. Trash mob grinding/storms for crappy currency got old quick. And they just keep adding more crappy currencies lol.

Interesting that you bring this up… I did the WQ for the 392 bracers on an alt and didn’t receive them, only rep and some primal chaos. Anyone else?