Did they announce closing transfers?


One day there was a post with a list of open servers, the next day I went to click ‘Shop’ and it was disabled.

Just wondering if I missed an announcement or that was ninja closed.

(Tyriaan) #2

If I am understanding what you are talking about, the transfers are only offered when you get in the server que.


It was explicitly noted in the announcement where they opened up the transfers. It said that transfers were beginning last Wednesday and would last until yesterday (Monday) at noon.


Well, thanks - I definitely tried before noon but I’m not surprised. They disabled it during that early am surprise shutdown.


Officially it was Monday at 11 AM pacific time.

Not New York time or Prague time or wherever you are.

They probably did not “disable it early”.

(Penny) #6

They were available to anyone on the qualifying realms, but Blizzard adjusted it so that if you were in queue to log on, you could also access the shop from the queue window. That way people wouldn’t be stuck waiting for hours just to initiate the transfer once they could finally log in.

There was a sticky at the top of the forum that said the transfers were open from Wed-Mon of this past week.

The announcement also made note that if enough people transferred before the deadline they would close the transfers early, with no notice ahead of time.


There was a reset very early in the morning - it was before 11 pacific. Like we’ve never seen Bliz cut an event early.

Also… how did you come up with those two locations?