Did someone sim hunters post world buff change

Are they op or nah

surprised more people aren’t talking about this.

I would assume it makes the gear upgrades more impactful as opposed to the terrible scaling they were accustomed to.

Rally weird change in general though.

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why would it make gear upgrades more impactful? there aren’t any % AP buffs, they are all flat AP.

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It’ll help but I believe people were saying it will be a little less than a 100 dps increase. Slightly stronger but still just a pull/tranq class mostly.

380 more ap is cool. Sadly a bit too late.

For the fresh realm this could be good :slight_smile: . Maybe they can fix all the other mechanical bugs too for that.


  • Autoshot retry timer having a delay after moving
  • Pet buffs keep ticking when logged out / dismissed (debuffs stay forever tho)

The talents make the scaling non linear.

Legit I am afraid of hunters post buff, because right now they basically 2 shot cloth… Does this mean they will gain Blessing of Might, and Battleshout and Ony and Fengus? Because that’s a lot more than

Its Ony buff / Fengus Buff / Juju Might that will give range AP now.

All other ap buffs that say “melee” ap will still be only melee (BoM/Battleshout).

And Paladin/Shaman t3 6p will give range Ap too obviously.

Ok, so those are clearly marked melee attack power then? I mean… Blizzard could make a mess out of this because you can kick a target with out dropping combo points by side stepping the rules with a mouse over macro, same with blind, but if you change target to do it you drop combo points…

So you can see that I am skeptical of the blizzard polish.

No. It doesnt.

A player with worldbuffs should always be scary in PvP. If he dies they are gone anyway.

And yes this was all tested on ptr already.

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Well that’s comforting.

Battle Shout and BoM specify melee attack power.

I think it’s just Ony and Fengus they will get now. A nice buff but nothing gamebreaking.

Its been tested on PTR, basically you take the dps you are doing now and add +10%

it’s basically like getting a secondary DMF boost.

But hunter dps is garbage at like 500-600 dps on a dmf week, so you only get like +60 more vs the warrior/rogues doing 1.1k+

I was only worried about battleshout and so on for PVP. World buffs dont scare me, I am happy for them if they can DPS even better.

Is that different from:

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Sadly seems like it is a seperate issue. The aimed shot delay one was already fixed by using a macro that turns off autoshot when you cast aimed shot so no real change for informed hunters.

+AP buffs, even if static, cause the other stats to scale better. Those would be crit and hit. Since everybody is going to be hit capped regardless, disregard. This change amplifies the DPS upgrade that crit % is, and therefore everything that increases it like agility and the Leader of the Pack buff.


Imagine being a hunter with 8/8 T2 and getting your 8 piece tier 2 proc.

Now imagine having the proc be permanent. That’s about what the change should be for you.

Anyone with world buffs is by definition OP.