Did Not Click on ! Quest and Went to Stormwind

Hi Everyone, I fought pirates on an island. We had to use cannons to eliminate Horde and destroy the cannons they stole.

I went to Stormwind without clicking on the next Quest. The next Quest was an ! and stayed that way.

Now I’m trying to go back to that ! . How do I do that?

I’m drawing a blank on this quest but since you’re new I’m going to guess that you wound up in Boralus. To get back there you’ll need to go to the mage tower in Stormwind & look for the portal back to Boralus in the portal room you find at the top of that tower.

I think you’re right. I think it’s Boralis.

When I went back to Boralis, I think I saw the ! quest on the map. There was a small blue feather (on the map) near it. Do you know how I can fly to that feather?

Thank you.

There’s a flight master in Borealis that will send you on a flight to any other flight master that you’ve talked to. They are on the upper level in Boralus, if you need directions ask a guard. If you haven’t collected that flight point yet you’ll have to walk there.

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Thank you. I’ll try flying and walking. Most-likely, I’ll need to walk.

Suggestion: At least only the next available quest, should be accessible from anywhere.