Did I Ninja ? The Truth and why I didn't

I honestly didnt care you took it because I was just going to give it to you anyways if I had won the roll. I think what everyone else in the guild was upset about is the fact that pugs in our raid groups have been getting gear over them to people that were in blues in greens as well because we were losing the rolls, honoring the highest roller wins rule; and you lost the roll tonight but still took the helm anyways.


As well you did not state before the raid that it would be going to you. If you accidentally forgot to say so or didn’t notice the other rogue. That would be your fault and should only be mad at yourself for not checking and then losing the roll. The other rogue had every right to roll for loot if he came to the raid just like all the other pugs, when almost half the raid is pug… if this was not “your” piece would you have given it to a guild member instead, even though it wasn’t stated…

First thx for your honesty I appreciate it. Let me explain this the best I can. When I start a raid I have alot of responsibility. This raid both tanks going for quel sword & 1 needs helm so made them only 2 tanks that’s done. U needed sword and I needed helm only 3 rogue in raid from the guild thought the new rogue was on the same page.

This is honest truth Onyxia fight range DPS gets shafted because u need a lot of range DPS for phase 2. If we pugging it’s hard for them all I can promise is someone getting Onyxia head because we reserve it.

why pug ony at all? You dont need a full raid to kill ony…


If the pressure from the responsibility of raid leading forces you to flat out steal items you lose the roll on. Maybe you should step down from raid leading. Hmm.


For you Darthjarjar: This is a way to resolve all of this drama: Free Character Transfers

Please consider.

All of the Horde on this server.


Quoting for emphasis

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If everybody knew he was getting the helmet why did you all roll for it? It’s shady trash and I guess we’ll see him spamming chat channels again trying to fill his roster. I know I was getting multiple PM’s a day from him when I was between guilds, glad I didn’t waste my time with a ninja.

The door is over there.

Seriously though, why is anyone surprised the kid who got booted from Jealousy Noted, started his own guild, spams the ever living hell outta trade and LFG for his pugs would ninja? News flash water is wet.

Oh, and you do always advertise ‘Free Roll MS > OS’. Anyone who was there are eligible to report you for scamming under Blizzard’s TOS, which you clearly violated by not disclosing you were taking the item for yourself.


Guild name checks out…

In other news ; water is now wet.

Imagine not running Ony splits in 2019

Summon the Kromkrush Courts!!

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Man, I really appreciate you telling on yourself JarJar. Despite the horrendous writing style, you clearly communicated to everyone that you did, in fact, ninja the hell out of that helm. What’s funny is that you made a post to defend yourself.

You know who does things like that? Guilty people.


I could tell this guy was a Cuck when he said “Ive geared half the people on this server”…


Takes one to recognize one ecksdee

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Toxic will take all that were screwed over by this guy! 1 Night clears babes


Ur cute when youre mad for no reason :wink:

That makes it pretty obvious about what happened here.

Have fun on Heartseeker!

It sounds like you Ninja’ed and you’re unapologetic about it. I’m not sure what else we should be taking from this other than you have a massive superiority complex.

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lmfaooooo I can guess who’s alt this is