Did I Miss Something in Shadowlands?

Just curious if maybe it was tucked away in some obscure corner, or maybe a specific covenant or something, but did Sylvanas and Kael’thas… ever interact in Shadowlands?

I kind of see how they wouldn’t have necessarily needed to, but at the same time… I don’t know. It feels odd that they wouldn’t.

Unfortunately, no. While leveling through SL I realized… just how absent Sylvanas really is. She’s the reason we go there, we chase after her, and then she vanishes and only appears in 2 cutscenes with Anduin until she appears in yet another cutscene when she assaults Ardenweald. It would have been nice to see her interact with Kael.


But how would she do so in the context of her being a supervillain at that point in the story?

This isn’t really a problem. The only thing that could’ve made SL even worse is Sylvanas showing up every five minutes instead of every ten. Hearing her do a villain monologue as she blasts off like team rocket repeatedly would be more annoying that it already was.


After her capture? She seemed to spend enough time around Uther after all.

Well, Uther was healing her. But that’s true I suppose.

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Healing from the perspective of different convenants might not have been a bad idea. The Venthyr forcing her to come face to face with her actions would’ve gone a good way to reconnecting the fragment of the Ranger-General with the soul of the Banshee Queen, I would think. Kael’thas being there for it would’ve made sense.


We are still owed when Lor’themar speaks to Kael… at least he said he like too in that across the Hall talk in Oribos we get to overhear.
Specially now that he is getting married it be nice to get a proper scene if its relevant to the plot moving forward. (IMO)

Still wish Kael had a better ending but it can’t be help, he is dead and bound to Revendreth to… (grumbling sounds)… atone. :unamused:

Now that I think about it, did we ever find out what was the purpose of Denathrius experiment on Kael…? I don’t think I remember if the reason was explain.
Oh, well… one more question for the bucket list left by SL I guess…lol :person_shrugging: :sweat_smile:


Well, of course, witty lizzard person, I meant meaningful interaction, not just weird oneliners.

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No… because Sylvannas never visited Revendreth and that’s where Kael’thas has been since he was killed.

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The one expansion where it’s conceivable for the living characters on Azeroth to speak to their respective dead to reunite, find closure or the resolve to move forward, etc., and I’m struggling to find meaningful examples of this occurring outside of the very obvious ones.

  • Tyrande and Shandris with Ysera
  • Thrall with his mother, Draka
  • Darion Mograine with his father Alexandros Mograine

Yes! That’s what I was hoping we’d get explained in Thalyssra and Lor’themar’s short story, which due to it being told from Wrathion’s PoV, made this an impossibility.

Kael’thas also traveled to Korthia with the covenant forces and appears there as a quest giver on occasion. At the time, Sylvanas would have still been in league with the Jailer, but it’s not implausible that their paths could have crossed afterward.


Witty oneliners is Marvel’s style of writing, so it’s Blizzard’s style of writing too. None of the story was meaningful to begin with, and Sylvanas is just an annoying character to be around. It’s a good thing we didn’t see her at all.

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Sylvannas however never does.

Which he did in Korthia. Have tissues handy.

I deluded myself into hoping he might fight Sylvanas, what with how heavily his return and redemption were teased, but his posthumous atonement was only one of several B plots. Which was fine, but a missed opportunity for interesting interactions like this all the same.

It’s an odd timeline where these two big name Thalassians have more to say to each other in HotS than WoW proper. And their mutual loathing in that what-if is delightful.

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“If it isn’t our little princeling.”

“Careful about flapping that jaw, it might just fall off!”


Her mother tried to match them. So it was sad not seeing them talk.

Is this from Heroes of the Storm?;

Yeah. There might be another interaction but I can’t remember. I played Kael and Sylv a lot so “It might just fall off!” is seared into my brain. That and Kael sighing “Let’s get this over with…”

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She also insults Kael’s dead father if she lands the kill on him. I found that rather cruelly OOC at the time, but the Sylvanas novel incidentally provided her with a fair reason to sour on Anasterian: he destroyed the evidence she’d collected of the Horde’s involvement in her parents’ deaths and forbade her to act on it at all.

I dunno, I think that’s pretty in character for her. Sylvanas has no chill.