Dialogue Differences In The Shadowlands

From the comment section:

There are other moments in the new expansion that show some attention to detail by the devs.
When you arrive in Bastion, the Greeter asks you where you come from. If you’re a draenei you have the choice between “I’m from Azeroth”, “I’m from Draenor” and “I’m from Argus”. The NPC will reply with a fully-voiced line for each choice.


Neat. It’s nice they are finally acknowledging their own universe, that everyone isn’t just Ted… or some human guy. Planet is full of aliens, robots, time travelers… etc.

Do Orcs get to say they’re from Draenor? Curious.

Does anyone know what the responses for Draenor and Argus are? I have a draenei but I’m not exactly eager to take him through the boring Maw starting zone so soon after doing it once already.

Ugh I think mine bugged out. I chose Draenor and I didnt get a response.