Diablo Event

All the server gathered in one spot, as soon. As he popped i lagged until he died, didnt see or get to tag anything, good job blizz.


I’m not sure we can blame Blizz for people wanting to do an event.


Haha, yeah, mine lost half its health instantly before it adjusted to the amount of players and scaled up. I imagine they’ll add a few seconds of immunity to make sure they don’t get popped. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

It’s up for 3 weeks. You don’t have to do it as soon as it’s out.


How is the event manifest? Is it on a timer? Does it show on the map? Are their sky writers advertising it? Is it a once a day loot thing?

If there’s a random drop that needs to be farmed, farm early, farm often.


Yes. The event is on a timer and spawns in capital cities and DF zones on a rotation.

Yes. You can see the portals on the map.


You can kill/loot the goblin as many times as you want but some players theorize that your loot chance is greatest the first kill of each day.

A lot of things in this game should be done ASAP, otherwise it gets really hard…like camping a rare after the content in not longer current and you can’t find groups…etc.


This would be the most fun, but alas…


ive had no issues with lag or getting to it before it dies
skill issue?

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I think with the multiple transmogs, pet and MOUNT, there will be plenty of people stuck farming til the end.

Also the charms which give a not-inconsequential bonus… not sure if it works in M+ or raids yet?

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I actually had an issue of being phased/sharded when too many were around so I wonder why that didn’t happen to OP

If you play on full max settings and can manage over 20 fps during the gobby fights, then you have a very good computer.

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Full max and >100 FPS.

10700K + 32GB RAM + RTX3080 OC

Allow me to amend my earlier statement.


If you are on my specific realm in the specific gobby farming spots that I specifically am in at the specific times and moments that I very specifically am experiencing and are playing in a different time zone as I specifically am, and you play on full max settings and can manage over 20 fps during the gobby fights, then you have a very good computer.


should put down a rain of fire just before it spawns, aoe/instants are key

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The only solution is to upgrade your CPU. My 10700k works overtime when 200 ppl attack the treasure goblin. I just don’t think my previous CPU, a 4790, could take the strain well.

I have a really good computer and even it fires up every fan it owns to maximum when the goblin spawns. Never had it do that before.


Because you don’t have a fan curve and you actually let it run at stock settings?

You’ll burn up your components

Oh I was explaining why players jump to do it ASAP, it this case there’s some factors that’ll contribute to player participation until the last day.

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Even if it’s water cooled?