DH Tank review?

Hey guys,
Ive been thinking of rolling a DH tank but wanted to ask you how its game play feels to you?

I have a feeling that it might be one of those specs with lots of things to keybind?
Let me know the pros and cons

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Out of all the tanks, it has the fewest key bindings. Vengeance DH has few buttons but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any skill involved. It is the premier tank for kiting and takes a lot of intuition, timing, and dungeon knowledge to be able to know when to kite or jump out of combat. As well being able to keep Demon Spikes up 99% of the time. People say it is easy but fewer buttons is not =/= to simpler.

VDH is fun to me, my favorite tank. We have a great tier set that is propping us up this season. Without that tier set, we’ll go back to the tank basement next season unless we’re truly blessed with another great one but I’m not holding my breath.

I can’t really recommend DH to anyone anymore, havoc is meh and VDH will need buffs after this season. But play what you want! If you’re looking to get into tanking specifically this season, you’re better off playing a bear while they’re the best. Bear is also easier to play and very forgiving.


Thats the gameplay right there… KITING!

Its the 2 worst tank for beginners after monk.
But i think besides all that its fun if u manage to stay alive.

The easiest ones are druid then warrior (with a good healer) then pala.

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i mean, vdh kites as much as other tank do at difficult enough content. it doesnt have to kite but its extremely good AT kiting on par with warrior and brew

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Eh, you can do over +20 without ever kiting once. I wouldn’t say +20 is for beginners.

I think prot pally takes the crown, but VDH is a close second. What I like about it is the mitigation is a ramp up minigame instead of being mostly upfront and free. It’s more engaging to me than both prots and bear, and similarly fun to blood dk.

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VDH is fun to play I enjoy it, I wish cheat death wasn’t a top tree pick. It really should be a free talent.

I ran it to a 2718 io score before I stopped so I played it enough to get a good feel for it.

The kiting is problematic at times if you pug, people can either have issues keeping up with you or you end up taking a lot of damage (not really dying but requiring heals) which isn’t a good thing if you pug as a lot of dps seem to have issues with not dying at times.

The trick is your pathing so you really need to know all pat routes and have your head on a swivel.

The double kick helps a lot.

It’s easy to learn, and it’s not very fun until you get your 4 set. But once you do it’s really fun.

Almost always forced to take cheat death if pugging, healing can be hard I’m told, I wouldn’t know.

M+ can be really toxic to tanks at times. But who cares what other people think.

Overall it’s not bad, could be a little better.

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People vastly overestimate how much VDH actually needs to kite. Doing +22/23 I only really need to kite on Bolstering weeks when a particularly tough enemy gets a ton of stacks due to lack of focus or if I massively screw up rotating my defensives. You shouldn’t really need to kite any more than any other tank outside of niche scenarios, especially since you’ll lose all of your tankiness until CDs come back up if you do kite. It’s a last resort. If you find yourself kiting often, you’re messing up somewhere. Like Arahgon said, it’s extremely good at kiting when it’s necessary, but it shouldn’t be necessary often.

I realize this is a bit of a necrobump, but we’ll likely go back to where we were last season: perfectly viable for 99.9% of players and capable of title in the strongest hands, but on paper weaker than other tanks. Weak going into pulls, but after we get things rolling fairly sturdy. Our new tier is insane in mass AoE and terrible in ST. That being said, we’re slated for a rework which fingers crossed we’ll see on the PTR tomorrow that may fix some of our issues.

Ultimately just try playing it. If you like it, try to get better at it and if you don’t, find another tank. All tanks are viable for 99.9% of the playerbase regardless of what subcreation or other players might try to make you think. Just play whatever seems coolest/most fun.


Well they are propped up right now by the tier set. And they are getting massive rework in 10.2 so it will be a completely different world by then. I have a DH buddy that tanks for me, 440 does close to 100k overall and NEVER kites and NEVER dies. Not sure where all the kite nonsense is coming from, rotate the defensives. It’s a solid tank right now, very solid. Just have to rotate CDs efficiently is the biggest issue, but they have enough to make it easy once you understand it. And don’t leap directly into the middle of a pack your pulling always land to the edge so they stay in front of you. Upfront aggro is a small issue too.