Dh Tank lf late night guild

Going to try this again i guess… ex glad pvper on a new account so i dont get spammed to heal. ( if you haven’t healed dont judge)
Looking for a late night guild to progress with. Willing to xfer servers. I got 9/10 heroic pugging but i want more. Ive been doing keys in the mean time 1310 io. Pugging of course…
Please stop my pugging adventures :slight_smile:

I dont play until the kids are sleeping typically 830-9pm MST which is 730 PST or 1030 Est for you time illiterate folks

Kingkiy#4752 on discord or down below is probably the best way to reach me.

GAINS 9/10H(Sire @5% and half the team already AOTC) is a newly formed mythic raid/high m+ team based on Tichondrius! The goal is to recruit players that are competent enough to push for CE and competitive m+ keys each season…

Who is Jonpocalypse??
I will be your Raid Lead and GM of the guild! I’ve been playing WoW for 7years and have experience in min/maxing dps/tank roles. I’ve mostly been playing a dk(all 3 specs) with a focus on blood dk for the past 2.5years. I hold myself to a high standard and strive to lead by example. I’ll always put in the work to improve, take criticism, and push my character to the best it can be and I’ll be expecting the same from everyone else on the team.

Who are YOU?
You should be someone that can also strive to be the best on their main character and be committed to sticking out your main character through progression fights until the end of the tier. Someone who can stay positive and knows that progression means PROGRESSION, aka someone who doesn’t explode after 5 wipes on a progression boss. This is NOT going to be a casual team so there WILL be requirements during/outside raid nights. If you are not ok with/able to commit to playing more than the raid nights, DO NOT join the team. There will be a spot for you in the guild where you can hangout, just not a spot in the team.

Recruitment Needs:
DPS- ANY! We don’t have a Lock or DH btw
Healers- Resto Shaman and Disc Priest
Tank- Any non-BDK tank

Do not hesitate to apply as long as you can commit to the requirements below!

LOGS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO JOIN. If you do not have them then you’ll be under review heavily as a trial.

Raid Times:
Wednesday and Thursday 7p-11p Pacific time

What are the requirements for Raid nights?
-Be on time! If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late(more than 3 times a month), you’re not part of the team.
-All slots gemmed and enchanted
-Come prepared with multiple health potions, battle potions, and personal food
-Come to raid knowing your role and mechanics of the fight
-Loot will be Personal with an emphasis to pass off loot if your main spec doesn’t need it

If you’ve read this far and are intrigued to join please fill out this application and we’ll contact you if you’re a good fit:

Google Docs

Gains: WoW Guild Application

You may also contact me:
Btag: sugarbearjon#1635
Discord: sugarbearjon#9375

Forgot to add my time requirements that is a bit too early for me. Thank you for your interest

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Gang Operations on Thrall is a newly formed guild that is recruiting to push Heroic/Mythic Shadowlands raids. We currently only have about 4 weeks of raiding under our belt and are 10/10 N and 1/ 10 H. We will begin pushing heroics this week!

Schedule (Catered to Central Standard Time CST)

• Friday: 11:59pm – 2:00am

• Saturday: 11:59pm – 2:00am

All classes are welcome to join, but our current Class/Spec needs are:

• Priest -Any

• Rogue - Any

• Paladin - Retribution

• Demon Hunter - Havoc

• Death Knight - Any

• Monk - Windwalker

What we expect from you:

• On-time & consistent attendance (ok to skip some raids - real life happens - just communicate to the group if you won’t be there).

• Come to raid prepared with flask/food/buff

• Thrive on doing new content with a laid back mindset

• Adult who has been properly socialized (don’t talk over the raid leader or otherwise become a distraction.)

What you can expect from us:

•A stress-free and fun raiding environment. We are not a hardcore raiding guild and we like to have fun while downing bosses!

Contact us via Discord or BNet if you have any questions.

Discord: Burkes#4813 or Docbox#8421

BNet: Burkes#1904 or ItsWhatever#11857

Hey there ya tank?


I’m from Charming Degenerates and we a LATE LATE night guild! hit me up if you interested! 1:30EST (10:30PST) for 3 hours on wed/thurs. Looking to get AOTC and develop the roster this tier! Let me know if you have any questions! Currently 9/10H, add be on BTAG Thanatoz#1569 or Discord Ingvar#8491 !!!