Dh Mage tower stuck

I been doing DH mage tower like 8-9 hours, im tired of this, how i supposed to kill this? always i die at the 2 phase dude i got like 20k in repairs and i still canot kill him, any help or talens or something plz, im tired fr fr fr, bruh this have no sense. please drop any help im so mental tired jesus f


You doing Havoc? If so, switch to Vengeance, it is much much easier. If you still struggle then go get the trinket from first boss of emerald nightmare, or better yet get Seethe’s trinket from Iskar in HFC. Also make sure you have all consumables, use drums on pull, prepot, etc.

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I strongly agree i did the towers back in legion on a few toon wasn’t half as hardcore as it is they really need to fix the tank tower its impossible to complete i know the fight i did it on my DK back in the day no problem but now I’ve been trying for the werebear and cant do it i do mythic keys 18 to 20s no problem this tower is a nightmare please fix the damage the boss’s do asap.