DH is proof that less is better

So I recently leveled a DH for the first time, and I think it’s now my favorite melee class. And judging by its popularity, I’m not alone. To all the people out there demanding that Blizz reverse the pruning of abilities, isn’t this evidence that a class can be more fun with less buttons to mash?
Discuss (coffee talk).


I agree with you :slight_smile: One of the things I like the most about demon hunters is their relative simplicity and lack of near-extraneous abilities. Some classes even now are just overwhelming in how many almost-never-used abilities they have.


They have less buttons but they have a lot of FUN spells anyways compared to other classes still. That is what makes them feel FUN to play I think. Double jump, gliding, fast speed boosts, turning into a big demon. They even get unique outfits and customization. They are fun.


Right, so it’s not over-simplification that is the problem with other classes, as many people on these forums suggest. I think when there are less abilities, the devs can actually spend more time actually making the few abilities actually fun to use.


I totally agree.

I’d like to see a Demon Healer class, with one button for healing - let’s call it Heal. Add Metamorphosis cooldown that lasts a few seconds but doubles the output of Heal. Add a couple buttons for dispel and/or CC and/or personals, a button to do some damage, and a couple Batman buttons, sounds like fun to me!


Not just that, I am overwhelmed by how many frequently-used abilities some specs have. If my rotation and main CD’s can’t fit on one action bar, I think it’s too much. I’m not talking about CC’s, resurrection, heals, etc. I’m talking the buttons I will press on every single boss fight.
But maybe that’s why I play boomkin. Nice and simple.


Unpruning will be a new thing for me as I’ve only started the endgame when 8.2.5 was out.

As someone who has learnt WoW in the system it will be a change - but at the same time many of my previous games had many more buttons, it’s something most people who played it felt very comfortable with!

I played Grand Fantasia for a decade which typically has 4 types of situational debuffs, several CCs and 7 attacks for each class with the order being important.

Demon Hunter is a very fun class to play and it’s playstyle attracts it to many players. But that doesn’t mean say Feral Druid which is inherently more complicated needs to simplified in a way that matches (people who play it, play it because they love it).

In a similar way I don’t think unpruning is going to be so bad because ultimately it just gives us more tools. I do think it’s funny how monk for the most part is exactly how it currently is, with getting Xuen and Hit Combo which is going to be pretty sweet! :grin:

I for one found it boring and really squishy.


it does get old after a year or so ; then you start wanting a bit more challenge on a class that might be slightly more complicated.

that is my case anyways.

*i do agree there needs to be a couple classes like this though, it serves a purpose.


I agree. Some classes should have a more complex rotation because some people enjoy that. But usually those players are the ones demanding more abilities for all the other classes. I think we need a little more variety, not more homogenization.


DH is the only class I can’t get to 120 and it gets a 100 level headstart. That’s how little I enjoy that bore of a class. It should be deleted, not have its snoozefest play spread to the legit classes.


I agree with you, I’m not sure why Blizzard is adding skill bloat again, but we will see how it goes.


Yes, and I feel like paladins (which I play frequently) are a good example of so many abilities which are often-used but not exactly “thrilling” to use.

For example, Light of the Martyr, Beacon of Light, Crusader Strike, and Blessing of Sacrifice; these are all useful obviously, but they are not very fun or exciting to use. They all feel like “why are these here, when they could just be replaced altogether by something more interesting” or “at least the animations could look good” or something. But most of these have either simple animations that are barely noticeable or are just sort of an unnecessary addition to healing in general.

Many other classes have the same sort of arbitrary abilities. In contrast, the demon hunter’s abilities feel good to use (great animations), seem like they have actual impact, and are straightforward enough to be useful without being an unnecessarily-complicated, roundabout way of doing something. :slight_smile:


See, this is what I am talking about. People who don’t like something think it should be changed, or even removed, even though there are plenty of people enjoying it.


It should be deleted because you don’t like it? :rofl:



Demon Hunters.


I was being hyperbolic to make a point.

Hard disagree, it gets boring and stale after a few days of playing it, there’s extremely limited upwards growth for DH players due to how simple they are to play and how easy it is to get close to top performance out of, both in PvE and PvP.

There’s a reason DH is memed on 24/7.

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Agreed. My DH was fun until 451, which is respectable when you do all your gearing through emissaries. Unpopular opinion perhaps but I’m kind of against the unprune, I already use every spare button on my keyboard that doesn’t open a menu, I’m not sure what purpose any more than that could serve that is positive.


I think you might be overvaluing what salty people in the forum say. Most monks or even ferals either don’t care or are fine with DHs.

I think they’re top notch because most of the time we’re taking turns with the AoE CCs. :stuck_out_tongue: