DF, was hoping for a drake pet

New Dragon flight tamable pet list. Hoped we’d see a drake pet. Classic drake, four legged no wings etc. O well.

Link to new pet list: Remove spaces to see or check petopia yourself.
https ://www.wow-petopia . com /dragonflight.php

maybe you could just tame (or enslave) a druid because that’d be pretty much the same thing.
Dragons are essentially people in WoW lore. They are smart.

Dragons, yes. But there are a ton of less intelligent dragonkin that wouldnt be weird to be able to tame. a lot of them are pretty much wild animals


Yeah that’s why I said classic drake. Four legged, no wings. Check out “guardian drake 5e” for what I have in mind. However, a “Tome of befriend dragon” could work. You befriend the dragon who acts like your pet.


it’s not really that black and white
there’s a large amount of dragonkin that are basically no better than wild animals that are just more cunning than your average bear
proto drakes, for instance, are not only a great example, there’s already a precedent of multiple races taming them with mostly no real consequences other than specific story instances
orcs have an entire clan dedicated to dragon mastery in the dragonmaw
the vykrul have been breeding and training proto drakes for generations
there are also draconic influenced animals that are extremely likely to be native to the dragon isles due to their close proximity to the home of the flights

this is more than beyond the perfect time to introduce something like a tome of lesser dragonkin taming, or have a questline with a dragonflight member teaching hunters how to tame lesser dragonkin, or for hunters to be able to tame offspring of your dragon riding dragon with it’s blessing


Yeah, I think that would be a great solution.


OMG those slyverns…yesss please. Magmammoths are also insane. But dragons are sentient so most likely no dragon pets.

I wish they’d updating more pets like the saber cats and add the cool colored ones and adding more undead thing to tame like horses and armored ones like that be awesome to do so because its very limited for what undead things we can tame and for to tame Dragons.

Quite literally the only Xpack this would make sense in. I am hoping for the opportunity to tame a dragonkin, certainly don’t need them all. Whelps would be great, netherwing/protos/experiments etc.

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We have a new Pet Family in the Beta, Lesser Dragonkin, Cloud Serpents have been moved from ‘serpents’. So far haven’t found any thing listed as lesser dragonkin in my wanderings, but am hoping we’ll get the frogs and those kyrin like stag things.

Bumping because im seeing new lava pets but no dragon pets yet

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