DF Season 3 Eve

Will we be seeing any PVP balance tuning via hotfixes today?

With Veterans Day in the US this past weekend, and I am worried the Devs have today off and Season 3 will start with specs that could use a bit of tuning…

Short answer: No chance in hell.
Long answer: Seriously, not a snowball’s chance in hell.

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Get gear before worrying about wanting balancing lol

They’re making some changes tomorrow.

They’ll do a balance pass a few weeks into the season.


They better not target demo!

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I heard hell is pretty nice in the winter

Not this one, young Biebs.

I’m really liking demo rn. Excited to dust mine off.

Only thing people are going to see is my hammer of light spamming them into the ground.

My “Nerf Demo!” campaign shall continue tomorrow.


im excited to finally step into arenas tomorrow and get blown out by rapid fire.

The ladder needs more Demonology Warlocks.

I am unbiased.

Pve nerfs going to occur over the next 2 weeks that will undoubtedly carry into pvp. Id expect tuning about 4 weeks from now.


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I read all that as PVE. Personally I haven’t seen any PVP tuning, or indication it’s coming by tomorrow. Tier set nerfs included.

Ngl I had some good lines there.


I enjoy every post you make in that manner