DF Rogue build for Sub PvP, Any thoughts on this build?

I made a whole build from the latest changes and wondering what others think. Good? Bad? Changes i can make?

https:// ibb .co/Nr0134B

Have to close the spaces in the link :roll_eyes:

edit: also this is a PvP build. It was not specified previously

Link-ified for you.

I’d go through Premed to Gloomblade instead of Shot in teh Dark. With Focus and Setup, you’re only saving 27 energy for a free cheap, so you should probably get more value out of the extra combo points and SnD from Premed.

Granted, this could also lead to wasted combo points with first dance…


Thanks a ton! Yeah it might be a play by ear and see how it goes either with the free cheap or premed.

I personally dont get a lot of use out of Premed currently, but sometimes do. Kind of 50/50

I was thinking of something similar I got kinda dissapointed when the dmg bonus was removed from Inevitability.

Also I really hope they fix the tooltip and make weaponmaster and Improved Backstab crit bonus affect Gloomblade like it should. Cause when you red it sound like it doesnt

I’m sure they will, everything else im seeing that affects backstab affects gloomblade

What is the goal of this build? (arena, battlegrounds, dungeons/m+, raids?)

I don’t think this would be useful for dungeons/m+ because you opted to not take any of the aoe damage abilities.

PvP, so bgs/arenas. Updated the title/body to clarify

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I think the left side of the Sub tree is more suited for PvP.

Sepsis which does more damage than Flagellation, doesn’t have the combo-point consumption requirement, and basically gives you a pseudo-vanish effect in letting you use a stealth ability.

Invigorating shadowdust grants you some really good CDR. Sub rogue has a lot of powerful short cooldowns, but this also gives you CDR on blind, sprint, evasion, cloak, shadow step, etc. And you usually pair this with having 2 vanishes.

When i use Sepsis now on sub, it doesnt give practically any damage. Isnt more for assassin? I wouldnt mind invigorating shadowdust, and i’ve considered it. I’m not sure about picking Sepsis though, unless its different on beta or something. I dont think i was using it wrong, but the damage was tickling when i tried to use it for sub

Sub is not starved for energy, so you can probably skip tight spender.

Master Poisoner and Improved Wound Poison may be worth considering, since together they double your healing debuff from 24% to 48%

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Interesting. I havent considered how high we can make our healing debuff. What else would be good to move talent wise to get these 2? I can move tight spender. Having trouble picking another talent. Kind of wish we didnt need to talent into improved ambush, not sure ill use it over shadowstrike but we’ll see. and always make max usage of Subterfuge. decisions…

edit: actually, looking at Improved Ambush, i just realized it gives us an extra combo points to Shadowstrike. Well then, thats actually really good. 3 points for strike? dayum