DF Prototype talent tree previews!

Now that we have a good look at (still work in progress) talent trees for druids and dks, based on what we see from that what are some things that you are hoping to see for all 3 specs and things that they could share when it’s time to see our trees?

This may be a little too much wishful thinking but I’d want them at least to take a took at the Torghast powers we had for 10.0. For example my favorite anima power being fire was the mirror images gaining dragon’s breath and greater pyro. I would go into tank mode protecting and peeling for them since they are so fragile but do so much damage for me. It was a refreshing playstyle change.

Based off what I glanced from the druid trees and seeing how they have convoke the spirits, I would expect us to have likewise some of the borrowed power from SL intact for DF as well. Our covenant spells are fine but too spec dependent for the most part. If they will have the leggos as talent choices I am on board with SKB for fire despite it being a mixed bag reception wise.


Oh yeah! I did see anti magic zone fore dks adopting a torghast anima power. This may also be considered for other classes as well.

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