DF mega dungeon

has to be the absolute worst thing blizzard has ever designed. it is going to be a key i do once and never step foot in again. if every1 in my group of friends has either of the mega dungeons…i guess im just not doing keys that week. is that dramatic? ye, kinda…i guess. but i’d rather go down a slide made of cheese graters than do this dungeon

lol I think it’s kind of fun! But I like pain.

Why is that?

I find the mega dungeon to be super easy trash packs are simple mechanics wise, bosses are also simplistic. Routes are straight forward unless they add more trash to each part.

The only thing I would change is the Morchie adds and the swirls timing. A few runs I’ve had there weren’t any swirls to catch the adds and people weren’t using CC on them. While I see that as an added mechanic, as a tank and healer, I’d like it to be more… DPS proof, ya’know what I mean?