DF Hunter Tree feedback

I was absent from the changes in dragonflight and I got scared with the last build I saw.

So i’ll list BIG ISSUES that i notice

  • Camouflage requires Natural Mending or Survival of the fittest (this talent is unique for tenacity?)
  • Steel Trap requires Trapping Apparatus
  • BIGGEST ONE, serpent sting / lattent poison combo requires MASTER MARSKMAN??? This talent has any interaction with survival?
    (Keen Eyesight should swap places with master marskman)
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I love the overall rotations and builds coming out from the Hunter tree, but I have to agree the pathing is so frustrating.

I was making a BM build on WoWHead and I made the decision not to choose Tar Trap because I’m not a big fan of it, but then I noticed that to get a HoT on my heal I had to take Tar Trap…? That was confusing but I was like eh, oh well I’ll just skip the HoT, and then I realized I have to take Tar and the HoT, just to take Intimidation/Explosive?

How does that chain of abilities make any sense? Why do I need to take an AOE slow to get a HoT, to then get a Stun?

The Hunter tree needs some horizontal connections.

I didn’t get this frustrated with Warlocks trees or Rogues trees.

As I said, the outcome is good. But man, it’s an ugly journey.


Oh wow I did not know there was a new build. Why the heck would you gate steel trap behind apparatus… Still have to process everything else. But the steel trap change is bleh.

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Why is Rejuvenating Wind not connected to Natural Mending?
Why not rename Master Marksman to Master Hunter and make it Focus Spending Abilities instead?
Why is Improved Traps not under, I dont know, Tar Trap?
Why is Barrage still a thing when we could have Chakrams instead?
So much confusion…Someone with Alpha or a CM pose those questions. We need answers.


IMO I dont believe there will be many answers to these questions we all have. Sad to say but it looks like we may just be stuck with what we have now, in all its confusion.

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A tenacity-only pet ability on the main tree is the worst decision i ever saw in my life in any video game, just saying (pet family system is bad a priori anyways)

Its supposed to be separate from pet. Tank pet gets Last stand instead.

Your right about the rest.

I just read “requires hunter (tenacity)” on talent, its not tenacity-only then?

Yep. Lets add;

Why do we have to sink 2pts into TotS to get access to harpoon?
Why is MB base dmg still lower than RS?
Why does Quick Shot exist? Adds nothing but passive dmg.
Why is WFI, being blocked by a 2pt VV?
Why would I want spend a pt on just 10 more focus?
Why is imp tranq not baseline?
Why is Binding shot a thing still?
Why is NTA still a thing?
Who is actually giving feedback to these guys?

I think its not fully coded correctly yet. Hopefully

Because you must have tip of the spear regardless of your build

Because MB has a special stack effect, raptor strike is not suposed to be consistent therefore its blow is heavier.

5% chance over kill command resets its so bad lol

This talent effect could merge into Ferocity (Talent)

If I “must have” it, it should be 1pt imo.

Thats were I disagree. MF top end should be harder hitting Tip. Should be the reward for focus/gcd management. It aint easy getting 5 stacks off in pvp consistently.

you think a inconsistent skill should hit less/equal than a consistent one? lol

anyway, MB already got TOS on dragonflight and two talents which imrprove its dmg, its already stronger than raptor strike.

You think doing 4 gcds should hit harder than 10? lol

huh? tip effects MB? not sure what your trying to say.

Yes, tip of the spear works on mongoose bite.

Yeah that is an interesting change. Normally if you are running MB you want to get off as many 5 stack MB as possible. But now the question is should you aim to get a reinforced TOS 5 stack MB (probably only get 1 off before MB buff is over) or do you want to squeeze in as many 5 stack MB even if those 5 stack MB are not powered up by TOS?

For myself I do like the MB playstyle, I just wish the buff lasted longer. Instead of 14 seconds make it 16 or 18 seconds.

i’m sure we could get a lot more than 1 TOS before MB buff is over, you must recover focus in order to spend MB.

That’ll make for some weird snapshotting eh

That is true but my guess is you would probably get more non empowered 5 stack MB off than TOS empowered 5 stack MB off. It hurts not having alpha access, would want to test myself.